Child Education

Child education is also known as early child education that refers to the education of a child in their early ages.

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Aleena Abbas Faiza Abdullah



Uncovering Your Passion

How many motivational sessions have you been to where the host talked about following your heart, discovering your destiny, seizing your moment, making your dream come true, and et cetera. These descriptions take up room in one common word passion

Wapgee in Child Education
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Influence of Early childhood Education On Future

Child education known as early childhood education is started from birth till the age of 8. The learning begins after birth to 3rd grade. Early childhood education (ECE) holistically develops a child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive necessitates that contribute to forming a well-built foundation for a child’s well being. It structures the personality of the child and polishes the inherited traits.

Wapgee in Child Education
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