Building SaaS applications backend is not an easy thing, this requires a lot of effort. So wertik-js comes to play here, Wertik-js provides all required features to build a backend. Following things needed to be cared of when building backend api

  • Database

  • Security

  • Development

  • Seeding

  • Realtime Development

  • Api

  • Email system

  • Events

  • Role based access control

  • Storage

Why Wertik-js

Wertik-js comes to play here to build a backend that is powered with all features mentioned above. Wertik-js allows GraphQL and RestAPI in single backend application. The library also provides MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database. Wertik-js allows sockets integrations. For more you can check this folder to see all Wertik-js features:

Upcoming Features

These are the upcoming features for Wertik-js:

  • MongoDB Implentation
  • Logs with database
  • Cron Jobs