The entire world has embraced the levitating and devastating aroma of climate change. No matter what, where every country on the globe attires to the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Either it’s the rapid increase in the temperature or sharp decrease; both are negatively influencing the arena of the world. Global warming is one of the major crises due to climate change. How we can impede climate from transforming is a story of mutual consensus. 

However, countries like Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, and much more are the countries that are influenced dreadfully by climate change, and sadly Pakistan makes a count. Pakistan reckons to be among the top 10 countries that are persistently affected by climate change. As of the current scenario,  cities of Pakistan are receiving less rainfall and an abrupt increase in the temperature. Precipitous upsurge in the heatwave tended educational institutions to close the schools that reopened. Karachi is the world’s second-largest hottest country and eventually, Pakistan is number one. Besides, currently, it is experiencing a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Pakistan is an agricultural country because its economy solely depends on the agricultural products it produces.  In January, Pakistan experienced very much more rainfall than the previous year’s results in the 17th driest country. By reason of climate change, agricultural activities have reached a downfall which ultimately influences the economy. Yet, the invariable changes in climate result in flooding in various parts of Pakistan and eventually eroding the fertility of the agricultural soil and land. Our country receives less rainfall as well as snow. Water reservoirs and their decreasing capacity tendency consequently resulted in extreme droughts in the previous years. The receding of Himalayas glaciers on the Indus River has a catastrophic consequence. At this current fading stage, one day Himalayas could eventually be called the driest range. 

However,  the change in climate and associated impacts on Pakistan progress progressively. Hydropower and hydroelectric power are influenced highly due to droughts. In the current year, Pakistan is one of the greatly affected countries due to the heatwave. Electric power breakdown in the hottest regions of Pakistan resulted in either demises or agitations. 

Therefore, Pakistan is highly vulnerable to climate change. According to the former minister of state for Environment said that ‘Pakistan was susceptible to climate change due to political and geographic placement. Not just humans on Earth are affected, biodiversity also has to pay high prices for human deeds. This interloping of saline water in the aquifers results in devastating consequences.  

To elucidate, Pakistan would one day confront the deadliest drought and devastating floods as figured out from the melting of the Himalayas range. Being patriotic and responsible, citizen we should safeguard our homeland. Instead of lamenting, we should modify our demoralized habits since we humans in the past are responsible for happenings in the present.