Medicine is one of the most appealing fields in Pakistan and worldwide. According to a report presented by The Pakistan Medical Commission, A record number of 194,133 students appeared in the MDCAT in 2021. However, out of 194,133 students, only 68,680 passed the exam, and very few of them made it to medical school. Since Pakistan has very few public medical institutions, that is 45 around the country, a massive number of students couldn’t secure admission. To all those who couldn’t get into a medical college, this article will explicitly unravel some degrees related to medicine worth doing other than MBBS.

1-Bachelor of Nursing

The Bachelor’s in nursing is a 4-year academic course that strives to educate graduates to oversee patients and take their best care until they are under treatment. Nurses pave the way for doctors in performing the treatment procedure. They advise patients on the best health choices and supervise the prescribed medication.

Like medicine, nursing is a vocational course offering a primary degree of practical work. It also provides specialization in the major courses studied in the four years. You can choose two of the subjects from your significant courses for specialization. 

Major subjects to specialize after Bachelor’s in nursing

1-Adult nursing

2-children’s nursing

3-learning disability nursing

4-mental health nursing

2- Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology is the application of technology in medicine. It is a 4-year course that aspires to educate the advanced knowledge of medical laboratory sciences. This advanced medical knowledge encourages the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Medical Laboratory Technologists are responsible for collecting, handling, and performing laboratory samples tests. They are majorly involved in laboratory work, helping consultants in research. The careers to be pursued after MLT are medical laboratory scientist, medical technician, pharmacy tech, and many more.

After a bachelor’s in medical laboratory technology, you can opt for specialization. 

Major subjects to specialize after Bachelor’s in medical laboratory technology

1-Clinical Biochemistry





3-Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a 4-year program that aims to explain the diagnosis, treatment, and precautions of mental health illnesses, abnormal behavior, and psychological disorders in human beings. Considering the mental issues being observed in society, clinical psychology is the most emerging field of study. It offers various career choices: clinical psychologists in multiple sets (schools, private and public companies, and of course, hospitals), teaching at the university, and working as an advisor.

Major subjects to specialize after Bachelor’s in psychology






4-bachelor’s in emergency and Intensive care

Emergency and intensive care is a 4-year vocational course that aims to teach patient care approaches in emergencies and ICU. It provides comprehensive knowledge to the students to proactively respond to emergencies. Concerning its application in trouble and ICU, this course offers a mixture of career options, including working in hospitals’ emergency and being part of disaster management teams.

Major subjects to specialize after Bs in emergency and intensive care

1-Emergency and intensive care

5-bachelor’s in pharmacology

Bachelor’s in pharmacology is a 4-year program that educates the students to investigate the effects of various drugs on the human body. This course teaches the students about the composition of multiple medications, their usage in respective diseases, and their side effects. A pharmacologist can prescribe medicines to a patient, keeping in view the diagnosis.

Major subjects to specialize after Bs in pharmacology

1-Molecular pharmacology and toxicology

2-Drug discovery and safety

3-Cancer Pharmacology

4-Drug allergy


6-bachelor’s in respiratory therapy

Bachelor’s in respiratory therapy trains the graduates to look after the patients who are diagnosed with diseases related to the respiratory system: Asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, and lungs cancer. Its scope has leveled up due to the corona spell. Now, the system demands more respiratory therapists. A degree in respiratory therapy offers a broad range of job opportunities; work as a respiratory therapist in a hospital, teach in a university or open a clinic related to lung diseases.

Major subjects to specialize after Bs in respiratory therapy

1-Respiratory therapy

7-bachelor’s in bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is one of the emerging fields of biology. It is applying the knowledge of computer science in biology to gather and interpret biological data. In addition, it enables the students to acquire knowledge of biology, computer science, and other inter-disciplinary biology subjects. This course offers several job prospects, including gene analyst, bioinformatics software developer, computational biologist, etc.

Major subjects to specialize after Bs in bioinformatics




4-Biomedical engineering


8-Bachelors in Ophthalmology

Bachelors in ophthalmology is a 4-year program that educates the students regarding diagnosing and treating disorders related to the eye. Ophthalmologists conduct routine eye checkups, provide specialized eye treatment, and prescribe various treatment strategies. However, they can perform minor surgeries; they are not permitted to practice significant surgeries, for dentists are responsible. This is a vocational course demanding more practical work.

Major subjects to specialize after Bs in ophthalmology

1-Optical biology

2-Telemedicine for ophthalmology


9-bachelor’s in biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering is 4-year bachelors’ program that applies the knowledge of engineering in the advancement of biology and medicine particularly. Biomedical engineers deal with making artificial organs, new pharmaceutical drugs, and many more. According to Forbes, biomedical engineering is the high-paying, low-stress STEM job you probably haven’t considered. 

Major subjects to specialize after Bs in Biomedical Engineering




4-Rehabilitation Engineering

10-bachelor’s in dental surgery

BDS is a 4-year vocational degree that educates the students regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and preventive measures of diseases related to teeth, jaws, and mouth. This course is much like MBBS enabling the graduates to perform surgical operations on patients.

Significant fields of specialization after Bachelor of Dental Surgery

1-Oral and maxillofacial surgery

2-Oral medicine and radiology

3-Oral pathology and microbiology

4-Dental Public Health

5-Pediatric Dentistry

If you want to pursue medicine and can’t make it to a medical institution, the above-listed degrees are the best backup options.