What is Summer School?

During the summer break, summer school is a 4–8-week course. It tenders several approaches to the students. Every university provides a summer break to students for two to three months, which causes discontinuation in students' learning. This is when numerous universities organize summer schools for students to provide them with learning prospects in various realms. Summer school is a form of schooling that offers several academic and non-academic courses during summer break. It is the best place to bring light to your hidden talents, work on them, and practice them to make a career. These courses are educated on campus and online as well. Summer schools are usually 4-8 weeks long and are not mandatory. However, taking a summer course can help you boost your career. Students can choose any summer school they want and the subject they are interested in pursuing. 

Why summer school?

When students get a long break from universities, which gives a break from learning too, summer schools take charge. They provide an opportunity for students not to close their doors to learning during summers. Attending a summer school offers several benefits:

1. It provides a platform for students to study their course of interest. If your university does not offer a system that you are interested in, a summer school can assist you in learning that course, whether academic or non-academic. In addition, it would broaden your horizons towards fields other than your primary subject in university. Finally, this can help you figure out what primary issue you are envisioned to pursue as your career.

2. Attending a summer school opens you up to the world of undiscovered opportunities and learning platforms. It educates you in so many things that a university course alone cannot: it enables you to understand independent learning, helps you boost your self-confidence, and teaches life skills. 

3. Summer school lets you instill various skills and knowledge that help you outshine your career. Summer school prepares your profile for the highly competitive environment you would experience in the marketplace in professional life.

4. Attending a summer school, particularly in Europe, allows you to experience life in a country like Europe and explore its rich culture. It gives you a prospect to experience and embrace diversity in language, culture, and religion in Europe.

5. It provides you with a platform to make life-long friends. It gives you a stage to work and interact with students from diverse cultural, regional, and social backgrounds.

Considering the multi-far myriad of attending a summer school, the below article will explain the top five summer schools in Europe that would provide you several opportunities to improve yourself and boost your career.

Oxford Summer School

Oxford University has been educating and nurturing great minds from Europe and worldwide. It has a summer school that offers more than 100 courses to students worldwide. It does provide not only a credible course certificate but also provides students with a transmuting experience. Attending a summer school at oxford university would enable you to experience the rich culture of Europe, develop language skills, upgrade your university application, and experience an intensive and interactive learning environment. 

Don't miss the chance to enroll in one of the best summer schools in Europe.

Cambridge Summer School

Cambridge University is one of the leading universities in Europe and worldwide. It is an institution with more than 100 libraries and more noble prizes than any other institution. Cambridge University offers summer courses that prepare the students for university and beyond. It extends plenty of summer courses, including sciences, social sciences, history, geography, art, etc. Taking a summer course at Cambridge university would leave you with a cathartic experience. It would provide you a platform to meet great minds from around the world, enhance your knowledge and critical thinking skills, and, most importantly, provide you with a chance to experience life at Cambridge.

If you aim to experience Cambridge's academic excellence, beautiful architecture, and rich history, attending Cambridge summer school is the best idea. 

London Business School-London, United Kingdom

London Business School is one of the leading business schools that intends to educate students on advanced and innovative business studies and help students turn their business ideas into reality. It offers a wide range of courses, including banking and finance, brand management, business management, etc. The London business school also runs an entrepreneurship summer school that facilitates you to execute your dreams.

Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Tilburg University- Netherlands offers one of the most challenging academic courses during summer break. It conducts courses in various domains, but it emphasizes social programs. The courses include theology, data management, psychology, and many more. Their summer courses are full of interactive lectures with the faculty, challenging workshops, and trips. 

However, it is still not decided whether the Tilburg summer school will take place this year or not. Keep checking the Tilburg university website to get the latest updates.

University of Sussex 

The University of Sussex offers more than 20 courses every summer to undergraduate students. University of Sussex summer school consists of two sessions, each lasting for three weeks. The students will be taught one module per session. Attending a summer school in Europe with culturally diverse students enables you to upgrade your self-confidence, improve your language and communication skills, and strengthen your resume. 

It is never a good idea to utilize your summer break in attending a summer school. It would make your summer break a life-long learning experience.


Considering the rising level of competition among young graduates, summer schools are one of the best ways to step up your resume. They provide you with an environment that aids you grow academically, socially, morally, and, most important, professionally. These life skills help you excel in professional life and help you in personal development. 

Summer school can be the best option to go for during summer break. It will turn your dull summers into an ever-changing experience of grooming and self-discovery.