Working and earning online has made life much easier. It is proved to be effective in breaking the stereotypes: crashing the patriarchy. It has not only provided job opportunities and learning podiums but also enabled people, especially the students to grow financially independent. Now, many students are observed to be paying their bills and financing their expenses instead of counting on the main source of income of their family. 

To all those who aim to step out of their comfort zones and want to achieve financial freedom, this article is must-read.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is the process of tutoring students using the internet. You can help students learn different languages, assist them in doing their assignments, and help them master several subjects fitting to your expertise. Many people hire tutors for their parents or elders who are unable to go to academies to learn due to aging. You can get a chance to tutor them on such online teaching platforms. Several websites are connecting tutors with students from around the globe. 

The below article will briefly explain some recommended online teaching websites to get paid.


Preply is one of the largest online teaching platforms that facilitates you to earn money out of your knowledge. This gives you a chance to be your boss: there is no strict schedule, no exact time commitment, and no fixed rates for your services. You hold the authority to fix your hourly rates and can change them anytime. Normally the tutors charge 15$-25$ per hour. Preply does not offer tutoring jobs in a few subjects only, rather you are open to teaching anything. You can educate anything on this website keeping in deliberation your capability: Sciences, Social Sciences, assignment work, Languages, and many more. 

Registration Procedure 

The registration procedure to become a tutor on preply comprises of creating a tutor’s profile by providing personal details, giving your qualification with credentials, uploading an introductory video, and setting your availability and hourly rate. Once you are done with updating your profile, your profile is taken into consideration for verification by the tutors’ approval team. Once you are accepted as a tutor, your profile is seen visible on preply for the students to access and book a lesson with you.

Students start approaching you by looking over the data you have uploaded on your profile. Your profile is the major thing that helps you attract more students. The payment can be done via three ways: Direct transfer to Prepaid MasterCard® from Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill.

Register as an online tutor on preply.

Native Camp


Native camp is an online tutorial service that gives you a forum to become an online English tutor. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to teach English online. It only demands skill and experience in teaching. You don’t need a degree in English or any kind of certificate to work for native camp. If you are someone proficient enough in English holding a few months/years of experience in teaching, you can start providing your services right now. Native camp provides full flexibility and many benefits to their tutors: compliant working hours, work from home facility, performance-based salary, and bonus based on your performance. 

Registration Procedure

The application process to apply as a tutor is simple and easy. It requires the applicant to be at least 18 years old, he/she must have training in teaching, a personal laptop, and a good internet connection. The registration process includes providing your basic information, taking an English proficiency test, and having a demo lesson with the administration. Once you are registered as a tutor, you can start scheduling your lessons online.

The payment can be done through Payoneer, or bank transfer if you are Filipino with a BPI or PNB account.

Check the Native camp website to apply as a tutor now.


Engo is an online English teaching website where trained and skillful tutors from more than 60 countries are teaching English to students from around the world. It does not require a teaching certificate or high qualification to start tutoring on engo. All you need is a full command of English. Like other online teaching platforms, it provides flexible working hours, provides work from home and salary with a bonus based on your performance. 

Registration Procedure

The recruitment process to apply as a tutor on engo is comparatively quick and easy. The registration process includes putting in basic personal information, uploading your Identity card picture to check your eligibility, and confirming that you have not worked with engo in the past. This is followed by a Language and a video test. Once you are done with this procedure, your application is reviewed, and your application status is sent via email within two or three working days. 

Engo pays $1.4 per 25-minute lesson. However, it gives $35for conducting 160 classes within the cutoff period and many more.

Click here to become an online tutor for engo.


Cambly is a USA-based website that aims to educate English to students from around the globe. Tutoring on cambly is a great online job that does not require any English proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOFEL, or CAE) or any specific degree. All you need is a high command of the English language with a few experiences of teaching. Only native English speakers are eligible to apply. There are several benefits of tutoring with cambly: you get paid weekly, flexible working hours, referral programs, availability of work, and many more. This is a great opportunity to develop professionalism, financial freedom, and a global network.

Registration Procedure

Cambly registration process is brief and simple. There are no requirements other than being able to speak English fluently. The candidate must be above 18. You must have a smartphone or a laptop to process your work. Cambly application process consists of filling out basic information, uploading a two-minute introduction video on the website, and establishing your profile once your application is approved.

Click here to become an online English tutor for Cambly.

Keeping in view the rise of online learning and earning, start your journey of self-reliance right now by signing up to the above-earning platforms.