Do you ever feel how life has been bounded in manacles ever since the pandemic has prevailed? 

Were you ever surrounded by the liberty of loneliness and vexation of being unable to perform the activities you used to do? Did the wave of remorse, fatigue ever, and malaise hover over you in the pandemics? Thus, it could be said that the upsurge of this epidemic has indeed given birth to massive global health crises yet the deaths of infected is a different story. Moreover, the component that has been highly influenced is our fitness and health. 

However, it could have been fascinating to watch how celebrities like James Bond, Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Pat had maintained their barrel-chested and sturdy muscles. You don't need a treadmill or dumbbell set to keep a coltish and gawky body. It is more than that, and doing a gym during a pandemic is no less than recklessness. Therefore, maintaining a physically fit body ensures mental stability, like getting rid of stress. 

However, there are multiple exercises to maintain your fitness. It ranges from doing gym to running a marathon. Every fitness enthusiast's dream is to have a toned figure. Unfortunately, having a perfect body necessitates extra effort. Therefore, you'll need to stick to a strict diet and exercise routine to drop the weight you want. Below are some valuable standards for fitness enthusiasts to get a toned body.

How to maintain your fitness?

 This is the most general topic in our minds and significant concern. Maintain your fitness just in 6 steps. You may find most of them worth pondering, but believe me, they are effective if you perform them dynamically.

  1. Choose the proper exercise:

 According to biological research, it is said that exercises tend to improve blood circulation and strengthen our hearts. In addition, it helps you avoid heart disorders like elevated cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks. Exercises also assist the maintenance of lipids and regulate healthy blood pressure.   Also, it helps your body in controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. Similarly, exercise facilitates weight loss and diminishes the risk of chronic types. Regular exercise reduces developing disorders such as obesity, diabetes type 2, and high blood pressure. Exercise could also help restore weight. However, it's not like every exercise is worth doing. It would be best if you chose which one fits you the best. It is impossible to achieve a toned figure by spending hours at the gym doing appropriate exercises. You must select a suitable workout for your body type. You may tone your physique by doing a high-intensity workout. It will assist you in losing your entire body weight. Strength training combined with a healthy diet is the best way to gain muscle mass. Losing fat is one of the obsessed components for fitness freaks. If you tend to burn your calories in a specific area, you need to decide on the particular exercise that will help you burn your calories deliberately.

  1. Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS):

 Did by any chance this acronym echo your eardrums, making you feel either exhilarated or reluctant? Many of you might find it new, but it is one of the effective forms of cardio that aids in your skinniness if you want to lose weight. Therefore, it is still worth wondering how this aids in losing weight and making you count in thinness. Thus, LISS is a type of exercise that commonly stands for Low-Intensity Steady State. Also, this exercise is considered a type of cardiovascular exercise where a person is obliged to perform the aerobic activity.   Likewise, to strengthen cardiovascular fitness and reduce the likelihood of obesity and its harmful health effects, the American Heart Association advocates completing 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times per week. Therefore, LISS cardio can help you meet your weekly target and stay healthy. Furthermore, it's the type of activity you'll be able to maintain.

  1. Counting the calories:

 Start counting the number of calories you consume every day. The recommended number of calories that a person should consume is different for women and men. Thus, the number of calories that a woman should consume is 2000, which is 2500. However, this number changes concerning the age dimension.

  1. Don't diet:

 Was there a time when you tried to abstain from eating but still felt starved? Or did you starve yourself to death to tail off some kilos? You might get offended because the more complex your diet, the more you are hungry. Therefore, our hunger is regulated by two massive hormones' Leptin and ghrelin, which are considered hunger hormones made of fat cells. However, Ghrelin is a hormone generated mainly through the stomach and the small intestine, pancreas, and brain in minor amounts. The hormone ghrelin (hunger hormone) serves a variety of purposes. It promotes appetite, increases food consumption, and promotes fat storage. Therefore, when we want to maintain our fitness or burn some calories, WE REFRAIN from EATING. But you don't need to. Why starve ourselves when there are other nonhazardous ways. A modern-day cliché says, 'don't eat a lot, and you will get fatter. Well, the intensity of what you eat doesn't matter compared to what time you eat. It's a matter that eating burgers, fries, pizza, and even anything at midnight result in hazardous results. It may lead to an abrupt increase in weight, yet diseases like aggravated sugar levels, cardiovascular diseases, acidity. In addition, it may also lead to memory loss. However, if you want to remain vigorous, don't diet. Eat healthy food yet at a limit because overeating could jeopardize the body. Furthermore, the dieting process has been proved counterproductive. The more you try to diet, the more you are famished. 

  1. Setting fitness as your top priority:

Many imperative things in life need to be enlisted as your top priority, yet despite the fact, they remain at last. The best example is Stephen Covey, who writes in his book about prioritizing our priorities. Likewise, fitness is not yore to play with; instead, it should be our top priority on our to-do list. For fitness freaks, maintaining their body is their top priority. They remain committed to the goals they have set for themselves. Thus, neither a social gathering nor a family jamboree astray the enthusiasm of fitness freaks. Once you settle a fitness objective for yourself, you start striving hard to get there. However, for every fitness goal, the approach varies eventually. For instance, to lighten yourself, you can 

  1. A workout for 30 minutes a day. 
  2. Desist yourself from eating junk food.
  3. Intake fresh food and fruits is a healthy habit that fitness freaks do. Start consuming fresh and organic, and you will feel a change ultimately. 
  1. Work Of Day (WOD) workout:

 I remember 'word of the day' when I was a schooler and collegiate. Yet, the day's workout is/are the exercises performed by the fitness freaks. 'Workout of the day means workout of the day!!!! These workouts are devised to challenge the capacity of both athletes and fitness freaks. To heighten the mobility and maintain stamina, it is necessary to challenge!