Emotional detachment, the root cause of suffering.

October 21 2021  ·  4 min read

Have you ever been so disappointed in someone that you forgive them and don’t say anything but in your head you detach yourself from them completely?

Emotional blunting

 wholly disconnecting and separating yourself from the feeling of other people is termed as emotional blunting or emotional detachment .you become isolated and unconcerned about specific people and your interest in their personal and professional life fade. In such a psychological situation you completely confine yourself away from people, situations, and activities. the extrovert human in you turns into an introvert and you lose interest in people who were once the reason behind your merriment and joy. Emotional detachment may often arise from psychological trauma or past experiences when you might have expected so much from a loved one and disappointment was all you got in return.

Positive emotional detachment

emotional blunting is not always negative. There exists a kind of positive emotional detachment which is the state of tranquility, comfort, and inner calmness. Hence this could be considered as a skill that could help you to keep your emotional and mental well-being and take situations too personally. Furthermore, it can provoke an attitude of open-mindedness, forgiveness, and accepting the people and situations in the way they are. In this state of positive detachment, you might pretend to love and care for people but deep inside you keep a long distance from them. it gives you more courage and strength to accept the good and the bad equally which automatically saves you from the emotional burden and unpleasant feelings.

What can cause psychological detachment?

There might be various reasons for this state and it varies from person to person. it might be due to traumatic past experiences, negligence, or getting ignored continuously by a loved one. many people detach themselves to practice a healthy and happy lifestyle because they may be friends, colleagues or, a romantic interest who upsets you to a greater extent.

 Detachment in a relationship can be caused due to ignorance, cheating, disloyalty, and duplicity. Oftentimes we expect so much love, care, and concern from a loved one and in return when our expectations are being crushed, we detach them from our lives forever to survive and practice the law of forgiveness and joy.

Your partner or your best friends are generally the people who hold a special place in your heart. When you find yourself not wanting to share anything it could be a sign that you are feeling detached. The desire to spend time with them or listen to them may end. You will make lame excuses to avoid them and you won’t hang out with them anymore. When you stop caring about their opinions or start to be rude and disrespect them, it’s a clear symptom that shows you are not emotionally the same person you were before. Furthermore, you will treat those people like choices who were once a priority in your life and you will feel like giving up on your relationship. You will not put your efforts to normalize everything instead you will become angry and will show no interest in discussing the future. Emotional detachment is not easy so it’s better to fix the problem instead of letting someone go. Cry your heart out if you are having issues with a loved one. Accept people for their natural personality, try not to impose your thoughts and perspectives on other people, make some space for yourself if you are suffering from people’s actions, and put your effort into a positive change. It’s of no use to cry over spilled milk so ponder before taking an action and always think about the consequences of your decision. some people are worth forgiving and some are worth forgetting. Sort out your issues with people whose absence badly affects your personal life. Eliminate those who become the cause of stress and depression. Softly deal with people you are attached to and don’t always blame others for your psychological problem. it might be your fault at some point and you need to think about the reason for detachment. Observe, judge, and study people through every angle and then you will get to know the real character of people from whom you have detached yourself. Oftentimes we have to erase or eliminate some people or situations from our life to realize they were not worth loving, only then will learn that not everything you lose is a negative loss. If removing a friendship, activity or belief gives you peace then you didn’t lose.

 true detachment isn’t a separation from life but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living.


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Salma naz

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