Living at our own gives more personal space and free time while it is eating away our non- materialistic culture

Nov 13 2020 | 5 Min Read


Has it ever happened that you asked a question, but the people around you didn't reply to you, or you made a statement and they replied with not more than a "Hmm", that is a new full stop of the times, and your conversation ended before even it started. "Culture", when you read, write, or listen to this word culture a picture of clothes, and in some cases, food starts to paint itself in our minds. This is a part of material culture that your eyes can see and hands can touch. While there exists another side of this picture that cannot be seen, but sensed; your non-materialistic culture, that is endangered by the internet, androids, and increasing demand for more personal space.

No doubt, the internet web is a whole new world, a pot of innovations, and a new home to many, but it is making you grow ignorant towards those who are worthy of your attention in person. The new homes danger is so close to your own homes. Once you begin browsing Instagram or Pinterest you are just not conscious of the happenings in your surrounding. Certainly, the internet lays the ground for socialization: you meet new people and get introduced to diverse communities, but the medium of communication over texting or video calling is different from the nature of communication face to face. Through instant messaging and voice calls you cannot feel the emotions, expressions, and intentions of people around. And people are often different in real from what they sound on social media. So isn't it's better to give more time to people

around you who are waiting for your attention and not make them feel lonely? If all the people around you have androids then forget that you will receive a reply to your "Hello"

or you will have someone to talk to over dinner. Androids have become new best friends of people. There was a time people would prefer to chat over dinner and would save all the important matters to discuss during mealtime, but now you get to see your siblings only over dinner and all of you are in a hurry to finish and get back to your gaming or you already are using phone while eating food. And the worst scenario of all, if you are a hostelite- you are dead- most of the people over the dining table are watching seasons, listening to music, or into another activity. And if you are not one of the types you feel left out.

There were times people used to build small cultural houses and all the members would love to sit in desi common halls together: now people construct more than a story building and you need to text each other to find the location of the other. It is just like a modern family in a home together, but each plugged into their reality. In the name of personal space, you choose to live alone in a room because you don't have to follow obligations that way. Now people use their opportunities to keep a distance and separate from one another. Buying privacy doesn't contain a negative charge, but spending a lot of time separated from significant ones contradicts our entrenched cultural values.

Culture is not only a set of shared beliefs and values among people but also a shared form of communication. And the medium of this communication is rapidly changing overnight. People are switching from one-to-one conversation to chit chat online. That makes those around feel

alone and sometimes people don't have anyone to share their soft corners with. Finally, it is too unethical to forget greeting each other due to new platforms of communication while its old forms are near extinction.

Aleena Abbas

Content writing is something new to me that I have developed over the last few months. This is my first experience as an academic writer. Before the birth of this sudden interest, I was the kind of person writing a diary and personal statements. I have a grip on descriptive writing, therefore, I can write stories very well.

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