Beautiful were those days

December 20 2021  ·  1 min read

Where all those days are gone?

When we used to meet at dawn

Our all memories will remain a bygone 

Without you, how will I move on?

Beautiful were those days

When what we all did was appraise 

Scolds, cries, fun we share 

And took me out of my nightmare

Your glory will be sung to our progeny

Since your unsung symphony will be our destiny

Now summer is all yours, autumn shall remain

Cuz memories in yellow ascertains

We pledged to stay together

Without knowing we won’t be forever 

Give me back my 33 minutes of memories

Yet they’re ingrained in my veins for centuries

Let’s celebrate the 4 years of togetherness 

Since graduation is a furnace of cleverness 

Beautiful were those days though

When our days serenaded with a bow

Let bygones be bygones

Let memories be the present

We will meet again if we are destined to 

With a hope to come hither shall anew 

                                                                         Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

Did you ever ponder how life becomes fascinating after writing! Pouring your emotions, struggling with the characters, and giving opinions_ something captivating right! So that is what I do! I am an ordinary person who started writing her daily diary and eventually started writing poetry! Let's share some joy and creativity together!

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