August 14 2021  ·  1 min read


Staying away I can’t bear

It sharply falls in tears 

Light my life with cheers

Lament in, life when you are not near

And in me arouse the fear

Alone in the darkness, I found you by my side

Alone when I cry

Illusionary you came and wipe

In the moonlight when I walk

I found your smile accompanying my talk

In the dark black under the sky

I wait for ya! Forever to be my

When I walk alone in the rain

Echoes of your melodies give me pain

You are the light, 

Who sparks in my melancholy

You are the pain

Who keeps me in vain

Alone I can’t stay

Come to me, if you may

                                                              Zehnish Karim



Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

Did you ever ponder how life becomes fascinating after writing! Pouring your emotions, struggling with the characters, and giving opinions_ something captivating right! So that is what I do! I am an ordinary person who started writing her daily diary and eventually started writing poetry! Let's share some joy and creativity together!

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