The Hunza Valley

25 November 2020 | 5 Min Read

Have you ever seen stars below the sky, on the earth? Yes, the spark of light emerging from the land. On a cold night, standing on a peak of the mountain, when you look down at the place, you feel darkness enlightened by the rays of light. The blow of the cold chilly wind will enlighten your spark and soul. The beauty of the night is among the stars above the sky to the stars below the sky. The streets with warm light and covered with trees and a water canal give the essence of fantasy. The ancient homes and places make you thoughtful and curious to move forward. The place enclosing people with smiles on their faces wearing simple clothes and living a simple life will attract you towards the beauty of the place. “Hunza”, a place with compelling and gripping natural beauty can give you an inspiring journey into nature. 


Ancient forts and huge buildings, fascinating deep lakes and landscapes all found around one area is a blessing. While moving around the place, you will come to see people with a welcoming smile on their face throughout the year. People greet and invite you to their homes. They will present a variety of fruits and local dishes making your presence extremely honorable. The clothing will fascinate you and traditional hats and caps will grab your sight. As you cross through the shops with the embroidered shawls and cloths, you would like to buy each piece with a specialty and as you move forward, the ancient style jewelry seems eye-catching, you would feel as they are the perfect pieces for you and your loved ones either they are earrings or the heavy necklace made of silver or the real stones. Every piece seems fascinating and appealing to the eyes.


While exploring the place, you will see an ancient fort build in the late 8


 CE. ‘Baltit fort’ built 700 years ago has been regularly renovated and seems the same as the initially built building. It’s on a peak of a hill and so has a mesmerizing view of the place. The building depicts the ancient culture of Hunza and Karimabad and represents the geographical importance of the place from the past to the present time. It attracts people from all around the globe on a large scale and represents the culture and traditions of Hunza.


The next place after Baltit fort to visit can be Altit fort, built in the 11


 century has unique monumental importance. It was built as a palace to the rulers of the place so has been built accordingly. It has been restored in 2007. It looks and represents the living of rulers of the place with culture and traditions. It fascinates people and is an attractive point for tourists.


A massive landslide on the 4


 of January in 2010 was the cause of the formation of a beautiful big lake in Hunza Attabad. The landslide killed 20 people and blocked the river Hunza for 5 months. In June 2010, the river flow begins and thereafter formed a lake. The lake reached 21 km and is over 100 meters (330 ft) in depth by the first week of June 2010. While raise in water- level cause the difference in the inflow and outflow of the new lake. Attabad is an appealing place to visit as the weather in summers is favorable and people enjoy the seaside views.

More to experience the natural beauty and to explore the place “Hunza ”, do visit the exciting place. A visit to Hunza can give you an awesome memory and exposure. 

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