Decoding the secret of luck

September 08 2021  ·  4 min read

“You are telling me that I can't tell which notebook I haven’t checked” was all I could remember amongst the crazy shit lot of yelling by my teacher. “I had never seen such bad writing in my entire life” continued the teacher. Just as he was preparing to expose me in front of the class, the magical sound of a bell crossed my ears and the teacher left the class with the face of the petrified pumpkin.

 To understand the context, I was an 8th grader with a head of an inflated baboon and a body of demotivated giraffe, studying in an army-infiltrated school famous for its “practical jokes” on the human body. Now you know, checking and signing your notebook was not exactly the best tactic to influence the teachers in a non-violent way.

 Looking back at the event, I sometimes think if I was more afraid of the teacher or was angry about not being able to pull the greatest heist in the middle school. For me, it was foolproof plain that should have worked with no hiccups. Knowing my fate and the consistency of my father’s wrath, I was looking forward to an intense legally certified abuse by my parents and the principal. 

However, just as I was preparing for school, my father came home with a letter and a packet of sweets. He smiled and told me that I got selected for the new school. Earlier, I had applied for another school in the area. I was on the waiting list for admission and had no hope of getting in. Although that day, I had an admission letter in front of me. From that day, I have never gone back to my old school. 

This story was the most notable point in my life where I felt like the luckiest person in the world. Although, luck is a not simple concept to cognize. Let’s try to understand what being luck means.

The secret of luck:

On 11 November 2011, a very special episode of the television series “The Events” hosted by the world-famous mentalist Darren brown was aired on British television. It was about an experiment held in a small town. It begin with a rumor that there was a magical dog statue, touching which will make anyone lucky.

 Moreover, seven random participants were chosen to take part as the main subjects of the experiment. The subjects were asked to touch the statue and share their experiences. Five of the participants started to show drastic effects and instantly felt luckier, whilst the other two participants were not experiencing anything unusual.

 One of the participants was Wayne; the butcher with a very narrow view of positivity and luck. He was presented with many openings that could lead him to win free diner or easy cash, but the fact that Wayne had already believed to be a registered unlucky person was haunting his progress. 

 At the end of the show, the host (Darren brown) showed Wayne the opportunities he missed that could have potentially changed his view of luck. Wayne could see the bigger picture and when the time came, he was given another chance to challenge his luck. He agreed to bet 1000 euros on a fair dice, which he eventually won 6000 euros.

Decoding the program:

Whilst examining the program, we come up with a very unique and interesting view of luck. Wayne had never won anything in his entire life and that lead him to have a certain frame of mind. It stopped him from challenging his own believes about luck and the power of experimentation. Also, that mindset never enabled him to take the opportunities that were presented to him by life.

In my case, I had taken the prospect of applying for a new and better place to study. It lead me towards a mindset of experimenting with the opportunities that were present in that moment in time. Thus, that exact choice saved me from the rage of my family.


It is implacable to understand that the questions which have certain supernatural prospects are very subjective to answer. But for the sake of this article, we will look at the scientific side of luck. Luck is the combination of the positive enthusiastic frame of mind and the ability to avail the opportunities presented by life. At least, that is what I believe.

Also, perhaps, this article is the opportunity you were looking for to become lucky. However, it is your choice to cash in the chance and turns this moment blessed for yourself or just eat, shit, watch Netflix and repeat!

Salman Arif

Salman Arif this is where you write about yourself. Well, I am just a regular brown dude, pursuing a degree in engineering and trying to shares his perspectives with the world with zero intention for harm. For me, writing has been the thing you always wanted to do but wouldn’t do because of some impractical excuse that no one cares about. I write with the mindset of enjoying the process and making sure that my audience has a fun experience and something fruitful to take away, at least that's the plan!

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