Wysiwyg Froala Editor best practices

25 November 2020 | 5 Min Read

Froala Editor is a full-featured Wysiwyg editor to enhance Web apps. It is backed by Idera Inc. Froala Editor is one of the most popular and best editor to embed into your web app. Froala editor is very easy to extend and easy to customize. With its Pro and Enterprise license, you can extend its features to match your requirements. Froala editor provides serverside SDKs for uploading media to your own servers and also supports S3 upload.

With the comparison of pricing, Froala editor is so cheaper than other editors such as CKEditor, TinyMCE, and other editors.

Here are some best Froala Editor practices you should follow:

  1. Use Froala Editor directly in React, Vue, or Angular without their respective libraries. This will help you easily embed the editor on your website.

  2. Always set up methods to server upload on the backend so you can easily customize your Upload functions, Like image editing, image compressing, and other important, Image, Video and File tasks.

  3. Always serve plugin files from CDN, this will save your bandwidth.

  4. You can get free 1-month assistance on your questions and issues, start connecting here http://froala.com/contact.

  5. Ther are tons of plugins to use, go, and use required plugins in your app https://froala.com/wysiwyg-editor/docs/plugins/.

  6. Always make suggestions you want to add in their Feature Request section: https://wysiwyg-editor-roadmap.froala.com/boards/feature-requests.

  7. Always keep yourself up-to-date with custom plugin documentation: https://froala.com/wysiwyg-editor/docs/concepts/custom/plugin/. This will help you add new features to the editor a lot.

You can always try Froala Editor as trial and then you can use it in your web app.

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