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Everything about making you a fitness freak!

In this article, you will find some amazing facts about fitness freaks. You can even apply these to your daily life!!!

Zehnish Karim  on Wapgee

Zehnish Karim

3 months ago - 6 min read

Beginner’s guide for Cardio exercises

This beginner’s guide for cardio exercises will make a change in your life. Continue reading to learn about cardio exercise, its benefits, different types of workouts, and the know-how to create the best cardiovascular routine.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

a month ago - 4 min read

How does fitness help with mental health? 6 amazing benefits of exercise

Mental health is essential to your overall well-being. It determines how you feel, think, and survive by operating your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Moreover, it’s a state of well-being; a person copes with the everyday stress in life. Physical health and mental health are both keys to overall health.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

23 days ago - 3 min read

Easy home workouts to improve health and save money

Being a busy bee, it is quite a challenge to always get to the gym. But here’s good news you can create your mini gym at home. Wondering how to get started and what to choose? Then keep reading! These home workouts will help you improve your health and save money.

Jiya Salman on Wapgee

Jiya Salman

15 days ago - 6 min read