I created a library called Wertik JS, which is a tiny NodeJS library to boost your application with Graphql + Rest API and other useful features such as:

  1. GraphQL
  2. Express (RestAPI)
  3. Sockets (Socket.IO and WS)
  4. Email
  5. Backups (Digitalocean Spaces, Dropbox, and Local )
  6. Cron JOBS


When working with Backend APIs, Setting up resources like GraphQL, Express, Sockets, Email, Backups, and Cron Jobs becomes very messy. Wertik JS sets up a backend server like a pro that allows you to use features quickly.

More about Wertik JS 

Wertik JS is a tiny Node JS library that helps you 


You can install Wertik JS by using yarn or npm


npm install wertik-js


yarn add wertik-js


Wertik JS allows you to use GraphQL in your app. We use Apollo GraphQL under the hood for handling GraphQL operations. To use GraphQL in your, please refer to this documentation: https://wapgee.com/wertik-js/v3/graphql


Wertik Allows you to connect to MySQL databases, Wertik JS only supports MySQL at moment, and in the future, I will create support for PostgreSQL databases. To get to know more about databases, please check this documentation: https://wapgee.com/wertik-js/v3/database.

Other Features

To get familiar with other features, please check the documentation: https://wapgee.com/wertik-js.

Why you should use Wertik JS

Suppose you have a small project that requires a backend as well. Wertik-js is perfect because the recipe is ready. You have to use it. If you have a small blog, you have to create a database and add a connection to the database, and then you are all set. Wertik JS will automatically create CRUD operations for you using events; you can secure those operations based on user roles. You can easily add relationships between modules which makes you powerful.

Npm Package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/wertik-js

Github Repo: https://github.com/Uconnect-Technologies/wertik-js/

Read More at Wertik JS documentation.