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The Hunza Valley

Have you ever seen stars below the sky, on the earth? Yes, the spark of light emerging from the land. On a cold night, standing on a peak of the mountain, when you look down at the place, you feel darkness enlightened by the rays of light. The blow of the cold chilly wind will enlighten your spark and soul. The beauty of the night is among the stars above the sky to the stars below the sky. The streets with warm light and covered with trees and a water canal give the essence of fantasy. The ancient homes and places make you thoughtful and curious to move forward. The place enclosing people with smiles on their faces wearing simple clothes and living a simple life will attract you towards the beauty of the place. “Hunza”, a place with compelling and gripping natural beauty can give you an inspiring journey into nature. 

Faiza Abdullah

What do you think Life is?

Life is not all about living, satiating our hunger, and making others happy just for ostentation! It's about how you surmount the obstacles in your way to pursue a triumph.

Zehnish Karim

The mysterious man from 'Taured'

July 1954, at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan, An ordinary man holding a black bag much like other passengers was standing in line for verification. A perfect height, black hair, and wearing a black suit, he was biding his time. Whatever happened after that, transpired his existence and mystified the entire human race. 

Faiza Abdullah

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