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PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)

In an unknown battlefield, you are a solitary devoted warrior with 100 anonymous opponents. You jump off the plane empty-handed, and in next to no time, you run towards weapons and armaments. Your endurance is in danger therefore you need to fight against enemies within a limited circular area. Fascinatingly, every single persona is in opposition to you and each other, too; they are battling among themselves and also are eager to defeat you. You can enter the terrific battlefield with a companion or in a squad of four warriors; you can either choose your partner(s) or go in with someone unfamiliar. You have to struggle; you slay your foe, you fight

Faiza Abdullah

The best Youtube gaming channels

YouTube gaming has become a trend in the last couple of years. I mean we spend hours viewing what others have to post on their channel when it comes to game-play and reviews. Some of the YouTubers came with a sense of making some fun and make people feel happy, while others are coming with a business mindset. In this guide, I’ll share some light on the top gaming channels you definitely need to follow if you happen to be a gamer. Here they are,

Arshad Nawaz Baig

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