Water is an integral part of life, and for healthy living, drinking plenty of water is significant.

But why?

There is a fun fact; water makes up 70% of body constituents. The cells, organs, and tissues in your body use water to assist regulation of body temperature and uphold other functions. In addition, your body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion. Therefore, rehydrating is decisive by drinking fluids and food containing enough water.

How much water should you drink a day?

According to the research presented by the National academies of science, engineering, and medicine,

  • A man should drink around 15.5 cups of water (125 ounces) each day
  • A woman should drink 11.5 cups (91 ounces) daily

Remember! few glasses a day can keep the doctor away. 

Since water has great importance in our lives, and to stay healthy, one must ensure a nutritional intake of water daily. Moreover, water has plenty of benefits, from keeping us healthy to looking beautiful. So let's now learn about the importance of moisture and hydration.

Keep reading to know the benefits of drinking water that improves your overall wellbeing.

1. Lubrication: the creation of saliva and mucus

As water is the essential ingredient of saliva, and that provides lubrication to break down solid food. Hence, keeping yourself enough hydrated can keep your mouth healthy and avoid dryness.

Note: if your mouth is drier than usual, you need to visit a doctor to make sure you are healthy.

2. Regulates body temperature: Keep an average temperature

Staying hydrated is essential to ensure an average body temperature. Your body loses water in the form of sweat during physical activity and in a hot environment. Moreover, sweating keeps your body relaxed, raising your temperature if you do not compensate for the water you lose, as you lose electrolytes and plasma when you get dehydrated.

Note: if you feel extra sweating, kindly visit a doctor.

3. Aids excretion: Improve healthy removal of waste from the body

Sweating, urination, and bowel movement are essential to keeping your body healthy. Therefore, the body uses water to function correctly.

Sweat regulates body temperature, and for this purpose, staying hydrated is crucial. In addition, urine filters your kidneys by removing waste, and drinking an adequate amount of water daily helps the kidneys to work properly. It also prevents kidney stones.

Besides this, staying hydrated ensures healthy stool passes and avoids constipation.

Note: if you find an imbalance in bodily functions, visiting a doctor is best.

4. Best physical performance: increase strength, power, and endurance

Whether you are an athlete or no athlete, staying hydrated is the key to having better performance. Good hydration means keeping yourself hydrated before, during, and after exercise or any activity. Water regulates body temperature and provides lubrication to bones. Furthermore, it helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. Athletes must keep their bodies hydrated, increasing strength, power, and endurance.

Note: water loss during exercise and extreme dehydration can be severe and cause death. Therefore, to avoid such issues, intake plenty of water.

5. Increase metabolism: boost your energy level

Drinking plenty of water can help boost metabolic activities and raise your energy level. Your body's cells, tissues, and organs are rich in fluid. Therefore, water plays a vital role in maintaining its structure and ensuring proper functioning.

Note: dehydration can cause medical issues; to avoid medical incidents, drink enough water.

6. Aids your cognitive level: focus and alertness 

A healthy body needs a healthy mind, and therefore, it's essential to drink water daily. According to studies, drinking water can increase your focus, alertness and lessen the chance of short-term memory loss.

Note: consumption of water can boost the function of the brain.

7. Ensure a healthy fat loss: help you lose weight naturally

Losing overall weight is now a common phenomenon. Research has already linked weight loss or fat loss directly to water. Moreover, drinking water during diet or exercise assists you in losing some extra pounds.

Note: drinking an adequate amount of water is a natural way of losing weight.

8. Increase oxygen circulation and nutrient absorption

One of the primary water constituents is oxygen which contains nutrients. Consuming water helps to circulate oxygen to the overall body. Moreover, it assists dissolve vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the entire body.

Note: a good water supply can decrease blood viscosity and increase blood flow. 

9. Boosts your immunity: helps to fight against illness

By drinking enough water, one can prevent medical conditions such as constipation, kidney stones, exercise induces-asthma, urinary tract infection, and hypertension. Hence, water can boost your health and ban diseases.

 Note: make sure to drink enough water and decrease the chances of illness.

10. Improve your skin: hydration and brightening

Besides looking beautiful, drinking water can keep your skin healthy. It provides hydration and increases collagen production. Moreover, water can prevent aging and fight against other skin issues (acne). Additionally, it helps you in facial fat loss naturally.

Note: drink water to ensure healthy and moisturized skin.

It's now pretty evident that water plays a vital role in keeping us healthy. It not only will improve you for a recommended time but benefits you in the long run. Of course, the amount of water you need will depend on the environment, weather, and physical activity you do. Most prominently, in summers human body losses plenty of water through sweating which frequently causes dehydration. Thereby, you need to intake a considerable amount of water in a day. Moreover, you can prevent health-related issues by drinking adequate water.

In the end, here are some tips to ensure you are drinking enough water:

  • Keep a bottle with you wherever you go
  • Track your water intake: make sure you intake an optimum amount of water