Are you someone who wants to induce freed of your paunch fat? Do you want to look slim and good-looking by losing all your belly fat as soon as possible? Do not stress. I have brought the easiest and simplest ways to help you reduce your visceral fat.

Generally, subcutaneous fat is the fat below your skin. However, belly fat is visceral fat because it grows between and around the spaces around your viscera (an internal organ like your stomach and intestine). Moreover, excess belly fat can create many problems. Now, you might be thinking, how much belly fat is normal?

 Suppose your belly size is more than 35 inches (women) and above 40 (men), which is considered obesity. Furthermore, it can be harmful in many ways. For example, excess belly fat can affect the physical look, lead to heart issues, and result in diabetes and certain cancer diseases; therefore, losing belly fat could be complicated but not impossible. However, by following a strict exercise routine and taking a proper diet, you can surely decrease the amount of belly fat. Above all, your health goal is worthy enough to show some serious patience and consistency to meet your desired purpose. 

 It's worth taking action now since the results can be far more excellent if you don't take care of your belly now. So here are 11 practical tips to lose belly fat backed by scientific studies.

Natural ways to reduce belly fat:  

The luxury of the modern world has unfortunately added junk food into our lives; for ease, we get more inclined towards synthetic food, which damages our well-being. Moreover, since we are continuously running, managing healthy eating isn't conceivable for most. As a result, we earn intemperate fat and uncounted calories that go unburnt. However, there are some natural ways to reduce belly fat. First, one should take foods that burn belly fat and have proper sleep. Bellow mentioned natural ways would help you burn excess belly fat.


Eat more veggies

A well-organized diet plan is consistently necessary. This is because our body needs all the essential nutrients, such as fibers, minerals, and vitamins, to enhance metabolism. And this all is possible when you add nutrition-rich vegetables to your diet. Moreover, it subsequently burns belly fat. 

Indeed, for a good diet plan, including many vegetables is essential. Green vegetables like Spinach, Lettuce, Spring Onion, Capsicum, and Mushrooms can help you make a healthy diet plan. However, avoid having cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli because it causes a bloated belly. 


Drink plenty of water 

As you know, water has countless health benefits. Drinking enough water can help you lose belly fat too. When you keep your body hydrated, it increases metabolism and assists fat burning. Usually, 2-3 liters of water is recommended daily.  


Fresh juices 

Do you want to see a tremendous change in your body? Yes? Including Fresh juices in your daily routine can help eliminate excess belly fat. Remember, I am not recommending you any packed fruit juice. However, Fresh Juices of Spinach, Carrot, Apple, Sweet Lime, Beetroot, Kiwi, or any other fruit, can give you endless health benefits. 


Use green tea 

Green tea is something you never want to compromise with for an organized diet plan. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that significantly impact the body. For example, the Phytonutrients in green tea help you lose fat. As a result, green tea people are more likely to maintain a healthy weight by reducing belly fat.


Complete your sleep 

Quality sleep is essential if you want healthy belly fat loss. According to a research study, sleeping is significant for a healthy body. The more you sleep, the more fastly fat you burn. Additionally, sleeping 7-8 hours a day dramatically benefits from getting rid of your belly fat. 


Don't stress out yourself. 

Stress is unfavorable to your overall health and connected to belly fat gain by triggering the adrenal glands to release cortisol, also known as the human stress hormone. According to some studies, excessive cortisol levels surge appetite and result in abdominal fat storage. 

Simple and best exercises that everyone can easily do: 

Diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart diseases are health issues that can be fatal to excessive belly fat. If you are dealing with lousy belly fat, then the first thing you should consider is changing your lifestyle and exercising like crazy. 

Remember, you must warm up approximately 10 minutes before the exercise so that your muscle will get warmed up and the practice will pay off the hard work. Here are a few activities that you can carry out easily at home.


Walking or running in the morning 

Purohit says, "A good walk with a good breathing technique early in the morning can help get rid of the bloated tummy."

As you work out, calories are burned, and your body fat rate diminishes. So, working out not only helps you decrease belly fat, but it also sheds fat from other ranges. Running and walking are two of the finest fat-burning exercises.



 Bicycling is another impactful cardio exercise for your how-to-lose belly fat fast routine. According to the study, an average person can burn 200 to 400 calories during a 30-minute bike ride depending on the speed and intensity.



There are a lot of various workouts to reduce belly fat. However, Yoga tends to be the most effective and trusted method. Since yoga activities work intensely on the core and the entire body. Following are six asanas of Yoga to reduce belly fat:

  1. Cobra pose
  2.  Bow pose 
  3. The plank 
  4. Boat pose 
  5. Camel pose  
  6. One-legged downward-facing dog pose


Vertical leg crunch 

Vertical leg crunch is an abdominal exercise where you keep your legs vertically and perpendicular to the floor. Below is the way to carry out your activity:

Lie down with hands behind your head, legs crossed, and legs straight up. Now, flex your abs to lift your head and shoulders off the floor and lay back down. While doing this workout, you need to keep your legs extended in the air. 

Note, exhale when you flex; inhale when you lay back down. Do 1-3 sets with 12-16 repetitions. 



Plank is one of the finest calorie-burning and available works out. A plank holds locks in different muscles simultaneously, benefiting your body's core stability. Experts suggest holding a plank for about 60 seconds and repeating it a minimum of 3 times to lose belly fat, as a plank gives a massive benefit to the midriff of the body. The following steps for this exercise can help you get better results;

High plank:

Lie belly side, flex your feet so your toes are on the tangle. Make sure your feet are not higher than hip-width, Place your palms on the web, right adjacent to your shoulders. Take a deep breath before raising your body and reinforcing your arms. Keep your elbow bolted to assist together with your stability. Now hold on to the position.

Forearm plank: 

Lie belly-side-down on a mat, and press your entire forearm to the floor instead of your palms. Lift the body off the mat and hold until you can. This is how you can carry high and forearm plank.

A good diet and regular exercise are the best formulae to lose belly fat. Over and above that, the above-mentioned 11 simple ways to lose belly fat can easily be performed at home or anywhere. Moreover, if you combine a proper diet and regular exercise, nothing can stop you from getting rid of those waistlines and belly fat.  

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started.