To keep your body healthy and satisfied, staying hydrated is essential. Our body comprises approximately 60% of water, so we should provide our body with adequate water to ensure better and proper functioning. In addition, there are millions of benefits of water; boosting energy and immunity, reducing weight and increasing metabolism, preventing the body from various health issues, and improving skin. Moreover, these are benefits, but there are many more health advantages of drinking water early morning.

This article will highlight the benefits of drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach and the disadvantages of too much water intake.



Flushes toxins from your body

Our body has a natural detoxification process, and drinking water on an empty stomach flushes off toxins from your body very effectively.

According to Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine, Arizona,  when you drink water immediately after waking up, your body releases toxins that help movement in the bowels. It purifies your colon and lets the organ absorb nutrients naturally.


Fuels your brain

Your brain makes up a large amount of water, and keeping yourself hydrated ensures the optimal activity of the brain. Water is decisive in boosting body regulation and brain function in daily productivity. Additionally, it balances your mood too.

Studies prove that feeling low energy or passive is an indication of dehydration. Therefore, drinking a glass of water in the morning and ensuring your body is provided with water throughout the day is essential.


Increases energy

The key to maintaining your energy level is drinking water. Rehydrating your body on an empty stomach after 6-8 hours of sleep is ideal for keeping your body healthy and alert. When you wake up in a good mood, fresh mind and body, it has determinable effects on your performance.


Enhances your immune system

Drinking water right after you wake up helps you fight against illness. The body is in repair and recovery mode when you sleep, said Batayneh. Your immune system works hard to remove toxins from the bloodstream; however, you can speed up the process of detoxification by drinking plenty of water. Furthermore, water is essential for each organ in the body to keep healthy, such as the brain, kidneys, heart, and lungs.

Hence, water assists in balancing the immune system, preventing your body from falling sick and preventing you from various diseases with solid immunity.


Cleanses your bowels

According to the Internal Medicine Specialists at India's Medanta Hospital, Water prevents constipation and helps the bowel expel waste. Lack of water triggers digestive ailment, and drinking adequate water lubricates the colon. Moreover, it helps prevents such digestive issues. Your digestive system needs water to move food waste and pass stool. Therefore, to prevent chronic constipation, plenty of water should be intake.


Aids weight loss

 Water on an empty stomach help to reduce weight, as water occupies the stomach and gives the filling effect that limits food intake. This way, you can eat less and have a healthy weight.

Drinking water is natural weight loss. Click HERE to get familiar with the benefits of water other than weight loss.


 Boosts your body's metabolism

Water is essential for metabolism; it helps transportation substrate across the membranes, homeostasis of cells, and regulates temperature and circulatory function. Moreover, it delivers nutrients to the cells and removes wastes from them. According to studies drinking 17 ounces of water daily boosts up to 30% of resting metabolism. 

Metabolism is the set process that involves two fundamental life processes; catabolism and anabolism. Therefore, it is essential to hydrate yourself—moreover, water right after waking up aids in better performance.


Promotes your healthy skin and hair

Since water helps release toxins from the bloodstream and the body, detoxifying the blood means keeping your skin healthy, glowing, and radiant. Our skin is the largest organ that protects us from pollution and toxins and regulates body temperature. Unfortunately, low humidity and lack of miniaturization lead to dry, flaky, and cracked skin. Therefore, starting your day with hydration help promote enough blood flow towards the skin to avoid such issues.

Moreover, water intake promotes the healthy growth of healthy hair. It strengthens the roots and prevents them from dryness and roughness. On the other hand, insufficient water can cause hair damage.


It prevents kidney issues, colon and bladder infection

One of the significant benefits of drinking water early morning on an empty stomach is that it decreases the chances of getting infected and enhances the body's efficiency in the fight against infections.

Drinking enough water is essential to prevent kidney stones or urinary tract infections. As mentioned earlier, water flushes out toxins, benefiting the entire body in various ways. For the proper functioning of organs, it is vital to stay hydrated.

Drinking water early in the morning protects you from bladder infections, colon infections, or kidney issues.

What happens when you intake too much water? 

As everything has an optimal level, excessive use of anything can harm you in many ways. Likewise, over-hydration has drawbacks; when you drink too much water in the morning or throughout the day, it may cause;

  • Water poisoning
  •  Intoxication
  • Disruption of function of the brain
  • Disorientation, nausea, and vomiting can become fatal with time.
  • The cells get swell, If there's too much water in them
  • Causes hyponatremia - decrease in sodium level less than 135 mEq/L blood serum
  • Diarrhea - reduction of potassium ions and hypokalemia
  • It affects the brain cells
  • Overburden the heart, kidney and may cause liver issues
  • Frequent urination
  • Chlorine overdose

Bottom line

 Several body functions involve water as it is the principal constituent of the entire body. For example, water is vital in carrying nutrients to the different organs, oxygen to the cells, body temperature regulation, lubrication to joints, and guarding other tissues and organs.

Staying hydrated protects you from many health issues, and water right after you wake up can aid your body's functioning.  

Assist your body in avoiding health crises by drinking water after you wake up and keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. First, however, ensure you're not over-hydrated.

Let's begin it now! Enjoy being healthy