Skin is the largest and most overlooked organ of your body. Unfortunately, every day we are getting too exposed to various chemicals and toxins in our environment; from the air, we breathe and the food we eat to the chemical products we use, our body absorbs a lot of harmful substances.

Everyone dreams of having radiant, glowing, and healthy skin. For this purpose, you should start with healthy skin underneath. Opting for natural ways to detoxify your skin is a wise decision; it has no side effects and is an efficient way to see long-lasting results and benefits for the overall body. It also provides your skin with the nutrients to look young and gorgeous.

Your age doesn't matter; you are never too late to enjoy radiant and healthy skin. These top 10 natural ways to detoxify your skin will help support your body by removing wastes and harmful toxins.  

What is detoxification?

Detoxification removes toxins, impurities, dead skin cells, and pollutants to stimulate a healthier skin environment, boosts collagen and elastin development, increases cell metabolism, and improves the skin's barrier. Moreover, detoxification is a natural bodily phenomenon; you must ensure your body removes toxins.

Now, let's discover the detox methods to protect your body from harmful chemicals and toxins. 


Eat a balanced diet

The most crucial way of detoxifying your skin is by ensuring you are providing the best and healthy nutrition to your body; by eating a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you must ensure you're getting enough fiber (soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, and resistance starch) and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin C fosters glutathione production, reducing oxidative stress and improving skin complexion. Moreover, protein consumption ensures the breaking down of toxins.   


Drink more water 

Water is a natural detox, and drinking plenty of water has uncountable benefits for the body and is one of the most fundamental ways of detoxification. Water boosts the transportation of waste and toxins from the body through urination, sweating, and breathing. The recommended water intake daily is 8-11 glasses.  

Keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. 


Intake antioxidant-rich food 

You can efficiently detoxify your skin by eating antioxidant food. Antioxidants are vital because they protect your cells against oxidative stress and harm caused by free radicals. Food such as berries, green vegetables, nuts, and green tea contains antioxidants.


Reduce sugar levels and avoid processed food 

High sugar intake can develop cardiac and fatty liver disease, and health issues can hinder various organs' natural detoxification. Additionally, it can be harmful to the organs, such as the kidneys and liver, that play an essential role in waste management and removing toxins. Avoid using processed food; instead, choose organic food, as packaged food has artificial flavors and colors, which can be harmful.


Add probiotics 

Probiotics aid your gut health, and a healthy gut is essential for detoxifying your whole body. Therefore, probiotics such as Kefir and yogurt (not sweetened) helps you boost your immunity, fight against health issues and enhance healthy digestion. 

You can check this article to discover the best prebiotic food one should eat.


Avoid using addictive drugs 

Drug intake such as alcohol directly affects your liver and the production of a chemical known as acetaldehyde, which damages your DNA. As a result, it weakens the normal functioning of organs of your body.

Get the facts about how drugs can harm your body.


Get enough sleep 

Getting ample sleep is vital to keep your body healthy, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and beautifies your skin. During the sleeping time, your body repairs and rebuild itself. Therefore, a sleep of 7-8 hours of sleep is essential daily. Lack of sleep hinders your organs' normal functioning.


Good skincare routine 

You can get healthy and younger skin by following a simple skincare routine daily. Switching to natural beauty products is wrong as they have pure organic substances and no harmful chemicals.

Always remember to do a patch test either using the natural product or synthetic skin product; apply the product and wait for at least 24 hours after application to make sure you have no harmful reaction.

Click on this link to know the natural and organic skincare that you must try and has many benefits for your skin. 


Exfoliate your skin 

Exfoliation is one of the easiest and best ways to detoxify your skin. When you exfoliate your skin, you remove dull and dead skin to provide space for new and healthy cells. More simply, you get rid of acne and get radiant skin. 

Here are the best exfoliating products to help you glow and thrive. 


Exercise regularly 

Exercising is the best to flush out toxins from the body and ensure the better functioning of organs, including your skin. When you sweat, you remove impurities through the skin, and the skin is responsible for 30% of waste removal. You can easily exercise anywhere; however, easy home workouts can make your day worthwhile. Moreover, exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes can aid your fitness and health goals. 

Take away

It's not too early to start your skincare, so let's have a healthy and effective routine to get brighter, healthier, and glowing skin. Here are a few tips to help you start your new skin journey.

  • Whenever you go for a bath, turn the water from hot to cold because it helps flush toxins out of the body.
  • Always clean your face with Luke water after a workout
  • Do not allow sweat and dirt to sit on your face for a long time.
  • Remember to clean your mobile screen as bacteria may sit on it and can communicate to your face.
  • You should avoid touching your face frequently.
  • Drink detox water to boost detoxification and improve your skin.