For a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits are significant that contribute a huge part in keeping you away from fatal diseases such as heart diseases, thyroid issues, or fluctuation in blood pressure, and the list goes on. Eating food rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals promote health. However, regular exercise is of equal importance.

Are you someone who struggles to find time and motivation for your healthy living?

All you want is to set your fitness goal, work for it persistently and enjoy the results. However, you might need someone to keep an eye on you so that you can't cheat. We constantly seek new and innovative ways to simultaneously track our food and performance. Meanwhile, which will give you the best plan to practice. Who will say no to such magical ways? Of course, no one.

Do you know that there are many applications for maintaining your diet and fitness goal? If not, this article will help you learn about the top 3 recommended apps for fast and easy diet tracking that will assist you to achieve your wellness goals efficiently and quickly, just with a click.    

What are dietary or nutrition apps?

These are software applications for tracking food and activity for health reasons. It helps manage healthy eating and weight maintenance, weight loss, or weight gain. More precisely, it follows your food and counts your calorie burn while working out.

MyFitnessPal: Best diet tracker

MyFitnessPal is the top pick fitness Application these days. It helps track your food, count calories, and tell you how many calories you have burnt in a workout. As a result, more than a million people successfully reach their goals yearly.

All you need is to set your fitness goals and balance your count calories accordingly. Moreover, you can find nutrients in a registered food and customize your food.


  • Best dietitian app with a broad nutrition database.
  • Have a fantastic interface.
  • It's an easily installed app on the play store or app store.
  • Food analysis.
  • Have quick and easy logging (recording your performance) tools.
  • Provides a healthy nutrition plan.
  • Have great wellness goals.

How does MyFitnessPal works?

  1. First of all, install MyFitnessPal on the Google play store or App store. Furthermore, create your fitness profile.
  2. You get daily net calorie target recommendations based on your fitness profile.
  3. You get the calorie limit for a day; eat and work out. Moreover, you need to log details in exercise and food diaries. MyFitnessPal will calculate the calories you have taken and the rest of the calorie target based on your performance.
  4. Please stick to your goal and do loggings frequently to get easier.
  5.  Once a week, you need to weigh yourself and check your new weight while using its check-in feature. Therefore, the app tracks your progress and adjusts your calorie count.

Above all, MyFitnesspal gives you the best features in a paid subscription, but the free version also brings you the most delicate features. So enjoy your fitness goal with the MyFitnessPal app.

How much does it cost?

You can use it for free. However, for a better experience, you can buy a MyFitnessPal premium subscription for $9.99.

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Apple: Click Here to download.

Android: Click Here to download.

Noom: Eat mindfully – building healthy eating habits

Noom is a customer-led digital health company that helps people achieve their personal fitness goals. It also provides nutrition, stress management, goal setting, and healthy habit information.


  • Weight lose app
  • Has Virtual coaching team
  • Educational content
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use
  • Track the quality of food calories
  • Psychology of food
  • Biometric tracking
  • Best tools to track your progress

How does Noom work?

  1. Install and make your wellness profile. You need to provide general information like height, weight, gender, target weight to achieve, and other health information.
  2. Once you're done with profile creation, you must regularly log your meal and food intake. It eventually gives you feedback on your food choices and helps you achieve your target quickly. 
  3. Furthermore, you log your exercise too. So the pedometer keeps tracking your steps, and you get regular feedback.

The best part of this app is contacting your coach via messaging feature. In addition, you will get online weight loss programs and instructive information. It aims to change your behavior so that you can not only put off some weight but maintain your healthy lifestyle for the long term.

How much does it cost?

Noom gives a week of free trial and $59 a month for a premium subscription. 

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Android: Click Here to download

Apple: Click Here to download

Lose It: Count your calories.

This app will get you a more innovative way to count and manage your daily calories. Lose has a team of experts who help you calculate, verify and manage calories from their database. You can reach your fitness goal by sticking to this app by following its nutrition plan, workouts, and daily loggings. Moreover, it's easy to sync with Google fit and apple health.


  • This provides a personalized weight loss plan
  • Barcode scanner
  • Device sync
  • Top-rated weight loss plans
  • Food journal app
  • Weight tracker app android and apple phone
  • Advance tracking
  •  Meal and workout planning

How does lose it works?

  1. Download the app and create your profile.
  2. Log your details and weight loss goal.
  3. The app will calculate the daily calorie budget that best suits you.
  4. Keep updating the app about calorie intake, activity, and progress.
  5. Periodically, enter your weight to get new updates to your to-do plans.

How much does it cost?

Lose it is a free-of-cost download. For the best level of practice, a premium version is also available. You can buy its premium feature by only paying $9.99.

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Android: Click Here to download

Apple: Click Here to download

Stop asking your friends or colleagues about the best ways to manage your weight. Instead, go to the App Store or Play Store and download any from the above top application to better your performance, execute healthy habits and enjoy life's better experience.