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When your well-being and health get disturbed, everything in life suffers. There are millions of related blogs that you can find online but finding the best one would be overwhelming. So, here is the list of top health and nutrition blogs in 2022 which will help you reach out to the best. 

Delish Knowledge

Behind the blog, Delish Knowledge is a great woman who is a registered dietitian and plant-based chef. The blogger Alex inspires millions of people with her ingredient shopping tips, best nutrition ideas, ideas to improve your lifestyle, and cooking videos. Moreover, the recipe index helps you quickly find dishes, recipes, and main ingredients. This blog aims to add more green leaves and other veggies to the table. 



  • Breakfasts 
  • Mains
  • Snacks
  • Drinks


  • Meal plans
  • Intuitive eating
  • Healthy babies
  • Recipe roundups


  • Travel 
  • Fitness
  • Motherhood 
  • Favorite products

You can also find cookbooks and Ebooks

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Bites of Wellness 

Sam manages the best blog for healthy cheat days, is a CPA-certified health coach, and is a passionate chef. She aims to create healthy meal recipes that are easy to follow and suits any lifestyle or budget. 

Bites of Wellness not only tells you about healthy dieting but also how to have an enjoyable cheat day yet not break the rules. You can find budget-friendly easy gluten-free recipes, grocery budget tips, and quick and easy recipe ideas. Additionally, you get recommendations to keep your metabolism fast through the carb and fat-burning food suggestions. Recipes are also available in ebooks. 


Browse recipes



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Eating Bird Food

Brittany, the creator of eating bird food, aims to help you live healthier and happier. Many of her recipes are naturally vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb. You can also shop for ebooks, meal plans, home decor, kitchen tools, beauty products, and more. 







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The Fit Foodie

Tips on green living, pre and post-workout meal plans, plant-based recipes, and low-carb food suggestions are all you get here on this blog. It helps you know the best nutrition to achieve your fitness goal. Moreover, you can also shop and get books, fantastic photography, and free goodies. 



Eat well

Live well

Work well 

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Fit Foodie Finds

A female-run food and wellness website featuring recipes, workouts to improve your fitness, DIY (do-it-yourself) beauty hacks, and suggestions to improve mental health and strengthen relationships will be the best choice to enhance your lifestyle. Moreover, you can get clothing and shoes, beauty, kitchen, and home products. 



  • Recipe filter
  • Videos 
  • Methods 
  • Meal 
  • Season
  • Dietary 
  • Meat




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The Art Of Healthy Living


The art of healthy living mainly works on the articles related to exercise, including workout supplements and HIV training. Besides this, it also writes about food and nutrition, general health, and well-being. The delicious food recipes help you bring the best to your table. 

Articles on beauty are also available to inform you about fashion trends and other beauty hacks. 







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Well + Good

The blog has articles on food and nutrition, health and fitness, beauty (skin-care tips), treatments, and relationship tips that aim to improve your life in every aspect. In addition, it features interviews with wellness and fitness experts about practical ways to improve fitness. Moreover, videos help you do the workout effectively and get your desired result. 


Food and nutrition:

  • Cook with us
  • Eat keto
  • Food diaries 
  • Eating vegan 
  • Eating vegetarian 
  • Eating paleo and gluten-free


  • HIT training 
  • Cycling workouts 
  • Dance workouts 
  • Crossfit workouts 


  • clean beauty 
  • Cosmic health
  • Hair care 


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The best nutrition blog that features daily research-based articles, you can learn about food and weight loss and the scientific shreds of evidence behind everything. Moreover, you will get content about health issues and the various ways to cure them. With its trending health articles, the blog Healthline is educating the world. 



Healthy eating

Meal prep

Vitamins and supplements

Lifestyle diets

Weight management 

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Let's begin the best life journey by reading content on the best nutrition and health blogs related to healthy meals and recipes, shape your life with healthy lifestyle tips, improve your mental health and achieve your fitness goals with unique workouts.