Meditation is a mind-body practice with various long-term health benefits. It helps you regain your focus and is a simple way to wipe away stress. People meditate regularly to improve attention and self-awareness. Moreover, meditation can be done anywhere, and you don't need to spend a pie. 

But where do you start? 

There are apps to help you reap the excellent benefits of meditation. And we are here with the best meditation apps worthy of your attention.

Benefits of meditation

There are several advantages of meditation, and one of the most popular reasons you should meditate is that it decreases stress. In addition, meditation improves your sleep and lower blood pressure. 

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Top picks for the best mediation apps, 2022

Best guided meditation apps



Breethe is best for goal tracking and has a guided series for meditation which supports people reduce stress, anxiety, and restlessness, feel happier, sleep better, lose weight, and many more. It includes inspirational talks and master classes to assist you in better confronting daily life's challenges so that you get peace of mind. In addition, this meditation app has a soothing music playlist for good sleep, and fantastic bedtime readings help you sleep peacefully. You are not supposed to spend hours meditating, with breethe meditation takes 5 minutes a day. Moreover, you get a 14-day free trial; however, this app costs $12.99 monthly. 

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Best meditation app for sleep 



Calm is a meditation app with calming exercises and breathing strategies to help you feel relaxed. Every age group can get facilitated with its unique features. Calm help you improve quality and stress reduction, boost focus and self-improvement and customize your goal. 

You get a 7-days free trial. However, a premium subscription costs $14.99 per month and $69.99 per year. 

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Best meditation app for breathing



iBreathe is the top pick for breathing exercises. It is simple and easy to use, helping you relax, calm, and meditate well. Moreover, it reduces stress and anxiety and enables you to sleep. This meditation app is free to use, and a one-time payment of $1.99 is made to remove ads. It focuses on a single technique. However, it has a drawback in that it lacks a variety of options, and android doesn't have an android version.  

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Best meditation app for a quick meditation 


Simple Habit

Getting into the habit is a little tricky but very easy. Simple Habit helps you meditate quickly with its 5-minute meditation, expert guides, and bedtime stories. It boosts your confidence, decreases your anxiety, and promotes your sleep. Moreover, it assists you in overcoming panic attacks. 

This mediation app is free to use and to unlock its premium features. However, it needs to pay $12 monthly, $90 yearly, and $300 for a lifetime premium subscription.  

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Waking Up

Waking Up has a wide range of topics related to the mind, body, and spirituality. You can find a variety of meditation courses in multiple languages. Waking Up can easily get integrated into another app. It helps you understand your mind step-by-step and practice with top trainers and gain mindfulness. This meditation app is not free and costs $100 per year. Furthermore, a one-time payment of $799 for lifetime access. 

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Wrap up

Meditation is so powerful and has wonderful benefits to your emotional and overall health. When you meditate it gives you inner peace and balance in your life. Moreover, it is known as a mind, body and soul practice of deep focus and keep inner peace that enhance your lifestyle. Meditation doesn't need special equipments, a few minutes practice can help you make a better difference in your living. 

We recommend you to meditate regularly to live happily.