What is reading for you? Reading is as essential as Waking up in the morning, talking to people, listening to people, and whatnot.

Reading helps a person to improve himself. When a person starts developing the habit of reading, that habit provides and accommodates a mass of space to think critically, logically, and rationally with facts. Furthermore, reading gives a reader different perspectives about one thing. Moreover, it makes usbelievek openly about any subjective or objective point. Finally, connecting to essential ideas helps us put our stances on the table. 

Are you someone who loves reading but never gets enough time to read? Or are you curious to learn? Then, this article is for you. But, first, let's explore some amazing fun facts about Blinkist App and its offers.

What is Blinkist?

Blinkist is an online website where you can find a collection of non-fictional book summaries. Furthermore, the team of experts brings you the best experience of reading more brilliantly yet getting vast information. Whether you are looking to improve your professional skills or explore new subjects of life, Blinkist is the best online application that will open up doors to the wisdom of knowledge. You can feed your mind while driving, eating, doing home chores, walking, relaxing, or doing anything, anywhere. Through Blinkist, you can get more knowledge in less time. In addition, Blinkist offers you the joy of a vast collection of the best books (summary and crux of the content) in different categories.  

Features of Blinkist: 

  • Book summaries - a condensed version of a book 
  • Audio and text feature 
  • Read or listen anywhere, anytime 
  • One account and multiple users 
  • Enjoy offline too 
  • Access to 5OOO+ online non-fictional, best-selling books of all time
  • Premium subscribers can send blinks to kindle. Check it out  
  • Blinkist Black Friday - 50% off on an annual premium subscription
  • Get exciting discounts and coupons. Get promo codes here 

Is Blinkist free?

Blinkist is not free, but it has 7-day trial modes available. 

  1. For a yearly subscription, you get seven days of a free trial; after a free trial, you have to pay $89.99 annually, which is $7.47 monthly.
  2. For a monthly subscription, you have to pay $14 per month. Unfortunately, there is no free trial for Blinkist monthly subscriptions.

Download Blinkist

Playstore: Click here to download for your Android mobile.

Apple Store: Click here to download for your Apple device. 

Categories of Blinkist:

  • Psychology
  • Career and success
  • Philosophy
  • Management and leadership
  • Politics
  • Productivity
  • Personal development
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Communication skills
  • Health and nutrition
  • Technology and future
  • Mindfulness and happiness
  • Sex and relationship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biography and memoir
  • Society and culture
  • Creativity
  • Economics
  • Nature and the environment
  • Corporate culture
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Marketing and sales
  • History
  • Science
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Money and investment

How does Blinkist benefit you?

  • You only need 15 minutes to read a book.
  • You can get big ideas in a bit of time. 
  • You can get core insights on personally relevant topics without the repetition of triviality.
  • You can find your next read – get a book list by experts and personalized recommendations.
  • You can now enjoy its new feature, Short casts – which brings you key insights from podcasts.  
  • Above all, Blinkist gives you both options to listen and to read. Moreover, you can read or listen to a book offline by adding it to your library.


Being a Blinkist user, my experience is always tremendous. It has improved my lifestyle; I am much more organized, and has encouraged me to think and rethink what I do. In addition, I am much more confident in making decisions, whether it's my personal life or professional life. Moreover, I don't need to take a book and sit for hours reading;ing instead, I finish a book in 15-20 minutes of reading or listening- anytime and anywhere. The ultimate purpose of reading a book is to have a factual analysis of the book's core message, and Blinkist provides you with the blinks that the book is worth reading. So, I suggest you take time out of your schedule and learn by listening or reading on Blinkist.

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