Literature in every era knocked out many ways to reach a healthy lifestyle with practical outcomes. Eating a healthy diet and keeping your mind fresh despite thinking about a restricted food schedule leads to a healthy body. Sometimes dieting overthrows a healthy metabolism with obesity rather than losing fats. The human body needs food to survive and a good state of mind. Here are some recommended books that can help you fight against your health complexities.

Most interestingly, these books are available on Blinkist. As a result, you can read the crux of a book in just a few minutes. 


Let's explore the top 3 health books on Blinkist. 

1. Intuitive Eating - the psychology of food

Author: Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

Officially published: 1995

Genre: Diet and self-help book

Who is it for?

  • The one who is struggling with weight, food, or body image
  • A  lover of good food searching for a healthier relationship with what they eat
  • Nutritionists and doctors want to know the alternatives to traditional diets

What is in for me?

The book 'INTUITIVE EATING' is an anti-diet book; however, it does not promotes being unhealthy. Instead, it aims to make peace with food and get back to a natural (intuitive) eating method. Moreover, it brings a paradigm shift to the current thinking about weight and health. Intuitive eating is a dynamic process integrated with the body and food. Hence, it emphasizes health rather than weight.

Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Reach are experienced nutritionists and dieticians who have brought sustainable and logical approaches after facing failure in dieting. According to the book, your body knows what it needs and how to eat intuitively. Moreover, you need to permit it and listen to it. Additionally, it expends the principles of intuitive eating, detailed steps of the healthy process, and highlights its importance with real-world examples. Dieting and restrictive eating behavior mess up your internal hunger signals, and you never know how to follow them strictly.

The most exciting thing about this book is that it encourages its readers never to spend too much of their time obsessing about weight, diet, and fat instead, enjoy being healthy and happy. Policing yourself and being judgmental about food, you wouldn't be satisfied.

After reading this book, you will learn to eat when you are hungry, eat things that seem satisfying, and stop when you eat enough.  

So, let’s say no to diet and yes to a better future where food is not an enemy.

2. Why we eat (too much) - the secret to beating obesity

Author: Andrew Jenkinson

Officially published: January 2, 2020

Genre: Diet and self-help book

Who is it for?

  • The one who wants to know the magic of losing weight in the long term
  • Frustrated dieters and sugar addicts

What is it for you?

The book 'WHY WE EAT (TOO MUCH)' is the new science of metabolism and a secret to lasting weight loss; a clear explanation of the mechanisms in your body that regulate appetite and all those chemical reactions in the cells that changes into energy (ATP). Moreover, it empowers the reader to understand weight regulation.  Resetting the weight to a healthier level is the aim of this book. You can find answers to why few people struggle with eating, and some are immune to obesity despite eating everything.

3. Brain Food - a healthy habit of eating smartly

Author: Lisa Mosconi

Officially published: February 8, 2018

Genre: Diet and self-help book

Who is it for?

  • The ones who want to transform sluggish minds into sharpshooters
  • People who want to increase cognitive power

What is it for me?

Our body needs food to survive, and our brain requires specific food to function well, so this book 'BRAIN FOOD' features the part nutrition plays in your brain's health and development. Additionally, discuss the connection between the brain and gut, which helps you enhance your cognitive power and prevent brain disorders. Finally, it highlights the current research about the food one can eat to better brain performance and avoid dementia.

The book tells about the impact of vitamins, protein, sugar, and fats on brain health. Moreover, it highlights the importance of hydration, detailed information about fatty acids (Omega 6 & Omega 3), and the benefits of phospholipids and other essential vitamins. Furthermore, you can find information about different aspects of brain health; sleep, exercise, walking, relationships, and other parts of life.

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