Writer's block

October 19 2021  ·  3 min read

Sometimes the pen dances by itself and sometimes the creative author in you has to drag the stylograph onto the paper. 

Have you ever found yourself staring at a crispy white paper with the eyes of a helpless person? Did it happen that you were unable to make creative art through words? If yes then don’t worry  Because this is not a psychological problem and every individual faces this issue ranging from professional writers to journalists.

Introduction to writer’s block.

 Writer’s block is a state of confusion that is linked to writing. It’s an overwhelming condition of being stuck in the writing process and the author’s mind got blank. Furthermore, the writer run out of ideas and couldn’t proceed further in the best way. The ability to move forward through writing fades for the temporary or permanent period and its duration depends upon the individual. Motivation can bring change and the temporary feelings of writer’s block vanishes but permanent writer’s block is incurable.

 If writing blocks, then that means it’s time to refill the well. Get out and do things, see people, listen, smell, touch, watch, see a play, walk in a park, listen to music.

ideas will come. 

~Sherwood smith

What causes writer’s block?

There might be a plethora of reasons for writer’s block but let’s discuss some of the major reasons behind this complicated situation. There might be days when you have so many great and worthy ideas which are worth writing and you get confused about where to begin. it might feel like every idea is the best one and you couldn’t suppress one idea over the other. you simply don't know how to bring the best one forward which causes the fear of missing out. Fear of missing out the worthy ideas can be a cause of writer’s block and you begin nowhere. Writer’s block may also steam from a lack of ideas, motivation, and talent but this usually is not the case.

 Sometimes we suffer from great psychological strain and anxiety which makes it quite difficult to concentrate on specific ideas and it makes writing like dragging an elephant from some sticky slime. Another reason for writer’s block is self-doubt where the individual feels like giving up due to low self-esteem and no faith in him/herself. The author in this state thinks that nobody will ever read his writings because everything on this subject has already been said hence, the writers give rise to negative self-talk which is the cause of all evil. The last and most important cause of writer’s block is perfectionism and it is considered the worst kind of writer’s block.

Everybody wants their article to be the best masterpiece with attractive visualization and quotes and this is the major reason which is holding writers back. you are not the only person who is experiencing this sensation because from the very beginning we were taught to present the best content when it comes to article writing hence, perfectionism and the fear of rejection ceases a writer from articulating his or her ideas. 

How to overcome writer's block?

 If you are stuck in the writing process take a break, observe the miracles of nature, do some exercise which helps you to relieve stress, go for a walk or hang out with your friends who make you forget everything, and return after a long break. Think about life experiences and observe everything around you because observation is the key to filling your idea box. Do some free writing and don’t worry about the grammar, spelling, and sentence structure mistakes. It’s all about starting and motivation so write first and worry later.

 If writer’s block is staring you in the face, describe its shape, color, and texture.

Salma naz

Salma naz

"I love writing.i love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions"

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