Makeover, an incentive for confidence

October 26 2021  ·  4 min read

As, women ever since we were young, we are told by everybody to work on our physical perfections and value the wonders of beauty. Physical perfection, Soft and shiny hair, Glowing skin, rosy lips, and a perfect figure is all that matters and is considered as a summit of achievement for women. So to enhance women's beauty and attractiveness, makeover or makeup plays a major role.

women wear makeup to create a favorable impression, in the modern-day, it is considered that a perfect impression lays the foundation for success. How we dress and present ourselves is a reflection of how we feel on the inside.

If you are happy with your personal and professional life you are more likely to present yourself beautifully and a makeover does the right job for you. Applying a glitter lip gloss will further enhance your smile and you will look noticeably happier and satisfied whereas, distress and pain will make you pale and thin therefore you will lose interest in maintaining your beauty and health which results in an ugly face and unattractive personality.

There's magic in a makeover

 It will not only give your self-assurance and confidence an extra boost but it can also affect how people judge you which simply means that there’s more value placed on looks. Individuals are more likely to make friends who are confident, beautiful, and presentable as compared to boring, less charming, and dull people so to broaden your social circle you must also work on how you look physically because it's human nature that people easily get attracted to charismatic personalities and pretty faces.

Why do woman wear makeup?

Many women wear facial makeup because it makes them feel better and more confident and recent research indicates that women who look presentably attractive are more likely to succeed in their jobs and personal relationships. After all, a makeover acts like a catalyst that is boosting women’s confidence and faith in themselves. Similarly, trying a new outfit or a hairstyle that fits you perfectly triggers more confidence and when you walk in a crowd, you naturally feel that you are looking unique and splendid after the makeover. According to Harvard medical school and the United States university, applying makeup to your skin can cause some psychological effects which are known as the lipstick effect. According to this research makeover or makeup can positively Affect individuals. For example, it boosts confidence to a greater level by making them feel more charming and beautiful and it also affects the attitude of women. Even a smile makeover can have a positive effect on your personality if you don’t like applying makeup daily but, when you are sweating from nervousness and fear, makeup is the only way to hide your emotions and insecurities. It acts as a mask of beauty And confidence when you want to, attract, annoy or surprise someone. Hence makeup or a makeover does more than altering a woman’s attractiveness.

Applying makeup not only enhances someone’s natural features but also helps your skin to get rid of ultraviolet rays that cause damage to your skin, ranging from sunburn to skin cancer. cosmetic products mainly used for a makeover contain SPF which helps our skin against harmful rays of the sun .furthermore, it also acts as a barrier between skin and pollution thus helping you against the dirt and smokes caused by everyday activities.

A makeover also includes a Facial or cleansing which removes the dead skin cells, oil, and impurities thus making the skin glow and shine. A makeover amazingly transforms a dull personality into a strikingly beautiful one and it helps you to strive in a modern world where physical perfection is far more important than anything else.

Dress in clothes that perfectly fits you, get a haircut that enhances your personality and take some time for yourself because personal care and attention matter the most and it is a key to a happy and healthy life.

 Through a makeover, you feel motivated to accept the change that is very often unpredictable and it gives you enough confidence to handle every situation calmly and softly. A makeover temporarily helps you to look younger and beautiful but in addition to this one must also consume fruits and vegetables for natural-looking beautiful skin.

 drink plenty of water, eat vitamin C containing fruits for fair and glowing skin, take protein in your diet for strong hair and nails and avoid eating junk food which can cause aging.

A makeover can be used as a tool to enhance your natural features but we can't also deny the fact that it has some bad effects too so to develop a winsome personality aand work on the inside out.

I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup.~Boobi Brown

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