Law of karma

October 28 2021  ·  3 min read

The word “karma” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Karman” meaning act. Karma is both action and consequences of that action which simply means that what you sow will bear fruit. if you sow the seeds of happiness and peace you will get your reward later in life.  Life will reflect merriment and serenity to you but on the contrary, when you sow the seeds for hatred, envy, and betrayal, you will have to face the consequences and results of what you did in the past. So to get a positive karmic reaction, we must become consciously aware of the choices we make in every moment. Everything that is happening right now is a result of the good and the bad choices we have made in the past. Every minor decision that you make today can have a positive or a drastic effect on your lives and it depends on the choices you make.

 So if you want a positive reward in life asks yourself two questions. (1)What would be the result of the decision I’m making today? (2) will my decision hurt people around me or make them happy?

Your heart will immediately answer you and you will feel positive vibes if the decision you are making is not going to bring distress and pain to you and the people around you. According to research, our body experiences two kinds of sensations. One is sensation or feeling of comfort and the other is the sensation of discomfort. if your body sends you a message of discomfort while making a decision then you must surely accept that what you are going to decide might hurt somebody.

Everything happens for a reason

Everything that happens in our life is an action of karma. Every individual who is connected to us by any means is in a karmic relationship. no person in our life is a coincidence. You must question yourself like why are they here? What is their purpose in my life? because everything that you have adds meaning to your life. Karma repeats itself and it doesn't happen to cause you pain but instead, it teaches you to take different actions for different results. karma is simply a philosophy describing the positive and harmful effects of our deeds and words so we can truly become the best versions of ourselves and live life to its fullest by doing great deeds. 

law of responsibility

the law of karma is also connected to the law of responsibility which explains that we own what happens in our life. we are responsible for the good and the bad things that are happening as a result of our decisions in the past which also means that we are the product of the choices we make. your past, present, and future are always connected. successful businessmen of the world have made large sums of money through their dedication and efforts. Brilliant students score the highest marks through hard work,and artists become an expert through practice, an army captain promoted to the rank of major sacrifices his time and energy for his country and only then does he get a promotion. All these examples show the positive karmic reaction of hard work and dedication and it clearly explains the phrase “you reap what you sow.” hence, we can say that the law of karma explains how human beings determine their destiny through the quality of their deeds because man is the master of his fate. today people use the word karma to denote luck, fate, or destiny which is affecting its traditional meaning. it is not only concerned with the actions and the consequences of that action but it is more related to our intentions. For example, if someone commits a bad deed for a good reason the action could be immoral or not acceptable to someone but it would produce good karma. 

In a nutshell, we can say that nothing in this world happens by itself or by chance. We create our fate through our actions and this is what karma is.

Not only is there often a right and wrong but what goes around does come around. karma exists. 

Salma naz

Salma naz

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