A happiness band

October 31 2021  ·  1 min read

The staggering persona cries 'HUNGRY'

No one acts in this country

Cuz to them, it seems lovely

Alas! In the real world, it sounds ugly

No water to wet their thirst 

But whoever dies is the first

Night and morning are the deceitful wiles

Far away lost is their smile

Life sunned with lament

And people stare, just to comment 

Getting a shade under a tree

Alas! one is slaved by poverty and not free 

People apart above all

Went for parties in a ball

The food under feet is undesired one 

People around the cry for a bun

Ungrateful they are 

Despite eating bars

Let's go for trembling hands

Yes! They need a happiness band!

Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

Did you ever ponder how life becomes fascinating after writing! Pouring your emotions, struggling with the characters, and giving opinions_ something captivating right! So that is what I do! I am an ordinary person who started writing her daily diary and eventually started writing poetry! Let's share some joy and creativity together!

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