Fiction and the intimacy of a reader with the writer

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Fictional writers acquaint you with the world of fantasy and imagination where limitations and boundaries do not exist. It carries everyone a step away from reality which motivates us to look at the world’s harsh realities in the face.

What is fiction?

The dictionary defines fiction as a term that is used to describe an imaginative work of prose, either a novel, short story, or novella through which the writer creates a world of endless possibilities. A work of fiction is creatively cultivated in the imagination of the narrator. This work does not claim to tell a true story but it can sometimes be based on real-life stories or incidents which immerses us in experiences that we may never have in real life, introduces us to types of people, we may never otherwise meet, and take us to places which we may never visit. Hence, fiction inspires, scares, and honors us with temporary joy and contentment.

Types of fiction

Generally, there are three main types of fiction which include a short story, novella, and a novel.

Short story:It’s simply a piece of fiction that can be read in one sitting and usually deals with only a few characters. Some examples of the short story include fables, fairy tales, and anecdotes which are shorter than a novel.

Novella: This type of prose fiction is shorter than a novel but longer than short stories. A work fiction of fewer than 49,999 words and greater than 20,000 words is deemed as a novella. it is quite simpler than a novel and more complex than a short story. They both are different styles of fiction but the difference between the two has always been a matter of debate.

Novel: A piece of fiction that contains a wide range Of characters along with themes and sub-themes is generally called a novel. It explains a series of events that are interconnected so it is mainly divided into chapters and even volumes sometimes. In modern-day even films are produced of the best novel series for example the Harry Potter series, kite runner,13 reasons why,me before you, and diary of a wimpy kid.

Fictional narrators can temporarily influence the way you comprehend this life. Through their charming words, a person sufferings from hunger and privation can be motivated to earn a living, it can give rise to a ray of hope to someone who is hopeless, it can compel a person to adore this life that has been gifted to him hence, fictional narrators create a world of infinite possibilities. Their writings enable us to explore ideas of things and situations that even do not exist which shows that imagination of fiction is quite possibly a uniquely human ability. The intimacy of the reader with a fictional narrator is one of the symbioses where the benefit is mutual. The reader cannot exist without exploring the wisdom of words and the writer's hard work and dedication do not go wasted. Writing benefits both the reader and the writer with the pleasure of mind and to read a book and be transported to a world of fantasy, and another time for a few moments can be the ultimate reason of happiness for somebody who is struggling hard in life. The writer's personal sentiments, circumstances, experiences, and perspective on this world contribute to creating meaning for the individual reader which gives rise to a strong relationship between the two.

Every author has to keep up and be in a loop with the reader as everybody is different, interests varied, levels of thinking are dissimilar and what some readers might consider productive and attractive may not be the same for others so for a strong intimate relationship with the reader, the writer must deliver his thoughts carefully and smoothly. Similarly to establish an effective connection with the narrator, the reader, in turn, must be grateful or show feedback toward the writer’s work which shows positive criticism. The powerful and remarkable bond between the narrator and the reader must not be underestimated because both contribute equally to this relationship. The reader allows time and attention to the written words to make a difference in their life and a writer's duty is not to let down the reader but to give them something worth reading. Fictional writers have the ability and will to show love to their readers and it’s how the reader and the narrator spread joy and wisdom to the world.

The writer only begins a book, a reader finishes it.

Samuel Johnson

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