Top clothing brands trending in Pakistan

November 13 2021  ·  3 min read

Sitara lawn and Gul Ahmed lawns were the only brands our mothers and sisters were aware of in the past. These were the brands that had incredible and trustworthy fabric quality, impressive designs, and above all the prices were reasonable for all middle-class families. On the contrary, in the modern-day, the enthusiasm of leaving everyone behind in fashion and clothing style is ridiculously on the rise. Popular and most expensive clothing brands along with accessories keep on finding ways to seek the attention of women who are always obsessed with looking presentably good. It is ridiculously sad that those who cannot afford to buy branded products at their original prices, go insane for buying them at half the price so these brands offer different sales and women go Gaga over them. Those belonging to middle-class families admire the luxury of expensive brands just to relieve the guilt of being not able to compete with wealthy people. The problem is not with the branded clothes, it’s that shift in values that are deviating the way you perceive people. This trend is cultivating and giving rise to cruel social patterns where a person is judged by the expensive and original dress he/she is wearing. You might have glimpsed people rushing to malls and markets when discount offers are announced because brands are most costly due to their high-quality products and they furnish the latest fashion trends.

Top 6 clothing brands of Pakistan 2021

Khaadi: Modernity comes through uniqueness and a variety of designs. It assists a woman to reflect her individuality. Through Khaadi, you prefer quality that is unique among all brands as it works on the handwoven technique. Khaadi is the best amalgamation of tradition and today’s modernity, having more than 40 outlets in different cities of Pakistan.

OutfittersOutfitters is a fashion brand that is specially created for the younger generation who are always interested in the latest fashion trends. It offers a broad range of products ranging from on-trend pieces to casual wear. Apart from high-quality clothes, it also delivers a wider range of footwear, perfumes, and accessories making it a precise platform for shopping.

Sana Safinaz: Established in 1989 Sana Safinaz is the only exclusive luxury dealer which is offering pretty elegant ready-made dresses and fashion fabrics. This brand provides 100% pure fabric and unique printed design clothes at sensible and affordable prices thus making it the best brand for middle-class families. Sana Safinaz has stores accessible in all cities of Pakistan which also offer unstitched clothes, footwear, and eastern ready-made dresses.

Limelight: It is one of the prominent fashion brands having 70 stores across Pakistan. The products range includes the best quality unstitched clothes, shoes, eastern and western dresses. It has one of the best online stores that provides a fusion of traditional and trendy clothing.

Gulahmed: At ideas by Gul Ahmed you will find pret wear, unstitched clothes( man and woman)formal and casual wear in a diversified range. Over the years it has also brought up some new trends comprising of shoes, handbags, home items, and cushions, etc due to which it is evolving as the largest lifestyle and fashion store in Pakistan. It produces all types of stuff which contain khaddar, silk, cotton, etc, and attaining popularity through its high-quality stuff.

Maria B: This top clothing brand of Pakistan was established by Maria Bhutt which is delivering the best casual ready-made dresses, bridal frocks and maxi dresses, western ready to wear and unstitched clothes. It is based in Lahore but its outlets are present in all major cities of Pakistan like Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Karachi.

People by nature, generally avoid putting up with risk especially women who cannot compromise on their outfits and physical perfection. That’s why most people pay higher prices for brands as compared to unbranded or generic products. But we must question ourselves. Is it a better quality of the brand or it’s the brand stature in the society which is compelling us to buy products that are not affordable? Perhaps it’s the combination of both which is giving rise to a malicious trend in society that is pushing people to spend their worth of money extravagantly.


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