Tricks and Tips to Managing Curly Hair and getting Healthy Curls

November 14 2021  ·  4 min read

Do you have curly hair? Do you think if only you had straight hair you would look perfect? And do you have to straighten your hair after every wash? If your answer is yes then stop and go through me. Because I am written to help you stop damaging your hair with constant straightening as well as destroying the natural texture of your curls. And who can guide you better about getting healthy natural curls than a person having stunning curls themselves?

Curly hair are not easy to maintaine


Heads with curly hair naturally have less secretion of oils and they dry up easily making it tough to manage them properly. All the biological factors and makeup of genes are involved in the explanation, but let’s blow it off because everyone, probably, would have had enough of it in their biology classes. Fortunately, I am not written to bore you and I promise to share secrets with you if you promise to keep reading me. With the share of my secrets, you can know how to wash and style your curls and become the next spotlight of good compliments! Don’t toss me aside and keep reading!

Caring for your Hair before Wash

Let’s get to protecting your curly, messy hair. Before you wash your hair you should do oiling and massage on your skull. Since curly hair is dry and does not have natural oils adding oil yourself will provide the necessary nutrition for your hair growth. Massaging with oil is a productive way of reducing frizziness and adding moisture. As well as massaging strengthens your hair. Some of the essential oils which suit curly hair are sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.

The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

It is not well-advised to wash your hair more often or daily if you have curls. Because your hair is hitherto out of moisture washing daily can increase the damage depriving your skull out of nutrition.

Using shampoos that have fewer cleansing agents is advisable. Such mild shampoos contain natural oils and conditioning agents that result in soft and more defined curls. Mild shampoos are good even when you want to wash your hair daily. Moreover, they will reduce your dandruff, hair fall, and dryness. They also make your hair strong by intense repair of damaged hair which would have been done by continuous straightening or any exposure to intense heat.

Next, you can apply conditioner before and after wash as well. Some conditioners are supposed to be washed while you can apply others after washing and keep them till the next wash. Curly hair tends to lose moisture easily on shampooing, therefore, it is advised to apply conditioner before washing. But applying it after washing can also lock the moisture from the shampoo itself.

Nourishing oil shampoos and conditioners like that of Dove and Himalaya brands are suitable for removing dirt while moisturizing your curly hair.

What's best to wash your hair with? Hot or Cold Water?

Hot hair is not any less harmful for dry hair than straightening or using clarifying shampoos. Hot water removes all the oils from your skull leaving it dryer than ever. Washing your curly hair in hot water will only result in making your hair more brittle, weak, and frizzy. You will get rid of excess build-up on your skull as well as will have all the problems you have wanted to avoid. It is best to wash your hair in cold water. Coldwater will seal the hair cuticle and retain moisture in your hair.

Drying your Hair

The Coco Curls products


What could be the right type of towel for your hair? Aha! How does not using a towel at all sound? Yes, I am not playing tricks on you, one should not impair their curls by drying them with a towel. It is crème de la crème to let them dry in open air. All by themselves: squeeze excess water from your hair with your hand, no dryer, apply a diffuser, and let them dry in the air.

The Curly Hair Products: Coco Curls

The Coco Curls provides products for taking care of curly hair. They have a variety of products such as the curl-defining cream, leave-in curl conditioner, curl-enhancing gel, and hair growth and anti-freeze oil, etc. These products will feel like hair lotions leaving your hair smooth and soft with defined curls. Moreover, they are effective on such hair types which show roughness even on oiling. Give them a try and they will not disappoint you.

Aleena Abbas

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