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Every brown student in Asia wants to escape out and enjoy all the glories of teenage freedom without any bounds. If brown kids do not wish to have those fancy lockers in their High School corridors then at least they want to be a part of the popular soccer or football team. Meanwhile, there are motivated students who aspire to go on the adventure of exchange programs because they want to groom themselves. They are motivated by their goals and they want to contribute to their societies, therefore, they wish to seize every opportunity towards a better future.

The students on these exchange programs serve as ambassadors of their country. They represent the culture of the area they hail from and develop a mutual understanding with the host community. Such opportunities give students, from developing or underdeveloped countries, a chance to expand their horizons and learn beyond the realm of the ordinary. These privileges are also a process of self-struggle and competing themselves to perform in the best possible ways.

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study

Youth Exchange and Study program was established as a positive response to the events of 9/11 2001. It is for the students of age 15-18.5. Probably, students of High School, SSC or O-Levels, are eligible to apply for it. Selected participants get to join a High School in America and live with a host family for one American academic year. By living with an American host family they create a meaningful connection with the host family. Moreover, participants learn about the values of American society meanwhile educating people around them about their own culture and society.

The selection process involves multiple rounds of tests and interviews. To apply applicants are required to submit an online application form and submit all the necessary documents. It encourages participants from non-elites backgrounds strongly. After the screening of applications, students are selected for the next round that is the interview process. After clearing each step students are notified through the emails they have provided in the application form.

Step 3 is a proctored examination of essay writing. Along with it, this step involves group activities and individual interviews. Next, shortlisted students are examined on the English proficiency exam. And step 5 is the final step where students are put to final evaluation on their performance in an online interview, group activity, individual interview, complete application form, and documents.  And the finalists are notified through a letter from YES Pakistan Program Director.  For more information check the link below.

Summer Sisters Exchange Program

This exchange program is specially designed to empower women in Pakistan. It aims to encourage Pakistani female students to perceive higher education. It gives the opportunity to attend pre-college programs at American universities: Babson College, Barnard College, Brown University, Duke University, Eleanor Roosevelt Center, Harvard University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, the National Student Leadership Conference, Syracuse University, Smith College, University of Chicago and Washington University. The program encourages the participants to study science, leadership, international affairs, ad teaches them to become an entrepreneur or launch a business, or deal with international relations. Any Pakistani female student (grades 10, 11, 12, and 13) aged 16 to 18 is applicable to apply.

It focuses on Pakistani females because females are only 1/10th of the labor force. And Pakistan is the sixth-largest country with a female population.

For more information visit: 

United World Colleges (UWC)

UWC is a two years program that focuses on the 16-17 age group. It filters students from all over the world and gives the selected students a chance to make a difference in their societies. It gives ordinary students with extraordinary dreams the talent to bring about social change. 

18 schools and colleges in four continents are part of the mission of UWC. Students in these two years earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma which is a two years degree accepted worldwide. After these two years of study, students are prepared to set foot in any university. The UWC colleges are influenced by the country they are in. And everything runs in accordance with the social and cultural context of the place.

The selection process consists of 3 steps. If applicants fulfill the eligibility criteria, they are required to create an account through the online portal of UWC. Participants need to fill out several sections and upload all the required documents. Parents are also required to fill out some sections of the form. Only when all the sections have been completed one can submit the application form.

The next step is the shortlisting of candidates. Those who are shortlisted are invited for a brief test, group activities, and panel interview. This takes place in January.

The most promising candidates are selected and nominated for colleges. When colleges accept their nomination they are supposed to attend an orientation session of a week. And then finally they leave for the respective colleges.

The last date to submit UWC applications for academic session 2022 is 1st December 2021. So hurry and do not miss out. Here you can find more information:

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