Sleep deprivation and its detrimental affects on teenagers

November 17 2021  ·  3 min read

Sleep is crucial for people of any age because it’s a biological necessity and insufficient sleep or untreated disorders can have a drastic effect on the well-being of people especially teenagers. For proper and profound physical, social and emotional development quality sleep is required. 

Effects of a bad sleep

Insufficient or improper sleep can dwindle the productivity of the mind and makes a person heavy-eyed and dozy the whole day making it troublesome to concentrate and work properly. It also triggers viral loneliness, social rejection, and detachment from friends and family that could cause depression And anxiety which badly affects our mental health. Furthermore, a deficit of sleep can well establish negative effects on us including lack of motivation and a tendency to withdrawal from all the people and normal activities. Teenage is a critical time for youngsters and in this formative duration, the body and brain experiences substantial development and the transformation to adulthood brings crucial changes that affect sentiments, attitude, social circle, family life, and academics. Teens who don’t get adequate sleep tend to undergo extreme drowsiness and lack of motivation and tension that can cause adverse effects on their academic performance. Girls and boys have experienced how sleep affects mood swings resulting in irritability and exaggerated sentimental emotions. Mental health disorders in teens like anxiety, skepticism, and depression have routinely been associated with sleep deprivation.

 Sleep deprivation and depression are intertwined.

 As mentioned earlier a person suffering from insomnia or any other sleep disorder is more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. It comes to pass because a part of the brain that Governs our circadian rhythm( daily sleep-wake cycle and all the body functions that depend on it) is disrupted in depression which explains why sleep problems and depression go hand in hand. Research indicates that Teenagers need at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Without this they are less able to deal with stressors such as bullying or social pressures and run the risk of developing behavioral problems such as driving carelessly, consuming alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana which give rise to aggressive personalities. Teens spend a majority of their time on gadgets whether it’s texting friends, playing violent video games such as PUBG, or watching videos that are of no use. This habit of teens negatively affects them because the blue light emitted from screens inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin to delay the natural onset of sleep. Smartphones, laptops, or tablets emit light of all colors but it’s the blue light in particular that poses a danger to sleep. The pineal gland Is a pea-size organ in the brain which releases the sleep hormone melatonin and the blue light emitted from gadgets destroys the pineal gland thus hindering the release of the hormone.

Effects of a good sleep

 Sleep is naturally linked to mental health. Getting sufficient sleep at a young age helps to boost our immunity system and ensure we can function well on daily basis. It benefits the brain and promotes attention, long-term memory, and rational thought. Sleep is a time for you to relax and during this relaxation phase, the body repairs the damage that has been caused due to ultraviolet rays, stress, and other toxic exposures. Our cells produce certain kinds of proteins, during this time which repairs the damage of the day thus helping us to stay healthy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention getting enough sleep can help to regulate the body's blood pressure which could lower the risk of heart disease that is also affecting young people in the modern-day. Furthermore, it makes thinking sharper comprehending the most important information to strengthen learning, helps regulate hormones, and stimulates a quick recovery of muscle and tissues. Hence, it is very essential to diminish the trend of prolonged use of electronic devices, and to make a real difference both parents and medical practitioners must recognize the alarming effects that could pessimistically affect the mental well-being of teenagers.

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