Life is not a bed of roses

December 03 2021  ·  3 min read

Life is an endless ocean and we are dwelling amid its vastness, unconscious of what the next moment will bring to us. It is neither full of luxuries and delights nor it is full of thorns which depicts that there is no consistency in life. There will be days of endless discomfort, agony, defeat, and misery punctuated by successful moments of joy, celebration, and contentment. The celebration and good vibes of being alive are temporary so one should be always ready to confront adversities and challenges that lie in life. The victim mentality of “why always me” coerces us to think so negatively about life because sometimes we endure prolonged sadness, blunder, and disappointment which causes hopelessness. These miseries and difficulties test our bravery, endurance, and forbearance which nurtures a human being to evolve as a more stronger and confident person. Every individual born into this world was taken into the battlefronts because life is full of conflicts. This is a reality that cannot be repudiated and its purpose is not to scare anyone but to prepare you to bite the bullet and business of life squarely.

 Reasons why life is so hard


In order to live a comfortable life, one must accept himself/herself with all the flaws and imperfections. Having a goal-oriented mind doesn’t mean that we have to follow someone else goals. You have your own level of sensitivity, creativity, capability, and understanding. Be thankful for what you have, stay patient, and work hard and it will let you achieve the goal of successful accomplishment. Comparison will never strengthen your morale instead it will break you down. There are things that you can do and others can’t-vice versa. Have assurance in your abilities and accept that you can be better in your own way.


 Satisfaction and Peace of Mind come through endorsing and understanding that we will not always achieve what we dreamt for. Accepting that life has something more magnificent to offer us can help to get rid of anxiousness which is the dominant reason behind a hard life. Impatience will only make matters worse. It can lead to ridiculous mistakes, tragedies, and unfortunate decisions so be patient and allow things to manifest in their due time in your life. Never permit disappointment or society to pressurize you into making wrong decisions.


 One of the major reasons why life seems hard is a lack of self-satisfaction. Research has found that it is strongly associated with chronic illness, obesity, sleep problems, and anxiety which badly affects the physical and psychological health of people. Self-satisfaction is an intimate choice. Learn to always choose to see the positivity in your life and be gratified and hopeful for the future. Always recall that self-satisfaction is the ultimate reason for a happy and healthy life.


 The sentiment which is depicted by lack of self-confidence, Hope, and fascination is a reason why life seems hard. Feeling entirely desperate about life and situations adversely affect individuals, personal circumstances, and even the world. It reveals an individual negative opinion of the future which makes people give up on life. When crises strike you may feel like things will never be the same, in such situations one must keep the faith and respond to the situation with positive and formative actions. In order to dilute the hardness of the life that you are living, focus on and zoom out the issues. Remember that things aren't as horrible as they seem.

 In the process of life, we are taught that even some downfalls are better than victories, they shouldn’t be taken as a burden but rather as a miracle and stepping stone for future success. Such kind ups and downs assist us to thrive and nourish in a stronger way. Hence we should always remember that life is a complete blessing and behind every face lies a story. You are not the only person who is undergoing pain and defeat. Everybody out there has a different story of life to tell so say stay strong, go with the flow and trust the process of this life.

Every situation in life is temporary so when life is good to make sure you enjoy and receive it fully and when life is not so good to remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.

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