Hidden dangers of junk food

December 15 2021  ·  3 min read

We all encounter midnight cravings and couldn’t resist eating processed foods. Despite knowing about the drawbacks of junk food, people particularly teenagers tend to prefer processed foods over healthy food because of some of the minor benefits that it offers. Junk food is a slang word for processed foods with minimal or no nutritional value. It typically contains a high level of simple sugars, sweets, salts, and calories making it far tastier than natural healthy foods. Salted snakes, carbonated beverages, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, fries and, fried fast food are deemed the common junk food items that we relish.

 Disadvantages associated with junk food

  • Artery blockage     
  • The decline in bone density leads to arthritis.
  • gastrointestinal problems
  •  Mood swings.
  •  cardiovascular diseases
  •  Obesity
  • Aging 
  • Skin problems especially acne and pimples
  •  Diabetes
  •  Constipation
  •  The rise in blood pressure
  • Reasons why people consume junk food

 There are multiple yet basic reasons behind the consumption of junk food. It is far cheaper as compared to fruits and vegetables. Processed foods normally take less time while healthy foods take time and preparation which simply indicates that fast food is less time-consuming. In addition, junk food is cost-friendly and usually, it doesn’t burn a hole in people’s pockets. One of the crucial reasons behind the consumption of processed foods is their taste. Sweet and salt give them a rich taste and Fats make it quite smooth and creamy making it more delightful to eat. Research indicates that junk food can help you to relieve pressure and anxiety because expanding stress leads to starvation as there is an increased need for energy. It has been estimated that sleep destitution causes people to consume junk food at night which bitterly influences the stomach and causes gastrointestinal problems.

We all have specific favorite foods that we consume when a certain mode type knocks us. On an exasperating yet hot day, we prefer snakes and carbonated drinks to invigorate ourselves and to celebrate moments of success and joy, we admire helping ourselves with Donuts, chocolates and, ice creams. One of the most fundamental reasons why people consume junk food is obsession and addiction. Eating junk food regularly can affect some neurochemicals in the brain which directs to addiction to junk food just like cultivating an addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Why is junk food gaining so much popularity?

People in the modern-day are more immersed in competing for worldly possessions. Every individual is having a busy life due to which they didn’t find time for proper cooking. This has given rise to the craze of consuming fast food instead of fresh food. The hectic schedule of people in the modern-day is enabling food industries to earn more and more profits. Some people even don’t know how to cook so they end up making Maggi and pasta which are unhealthy in many ways. As this food doesn’t contain any nutritional value, they are cheaper and can be bought at reasonable prices. Advancement in technology has provided access to junk food and with the advent of food delivery apps, one can enjoy and have food with just a single click. Despite knowing the disadvantages, we’re still crazy about junk food. Keep reading this to know about some worthy facts to stay healthy and fit.

balance your diet


  • Less consumption of junk food may not harm you.
  • For adequate, digestion a minimum amount of processed food is considered healthy.  

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to compensate for the unhealthy portion of junk food.

  • Try different meals every day. It will automatically lessen your cravings for junk food.


  • According to biological research, a lot of industrially processed junk food causes a change in the human chromosome which is linked to aging. Telomeres are proteins found on the end of the chromosome that gets shorter and induces faster aging if an individual consumes three or more meals of junk food every day.
  • say yes to healthy food


To conclude, there are many terrible substances in junk foods that can bring many severe complications and damage our body health. Hence, we should accept that processed junk food does not benefit our mental and physical health, it just alleviates and satisfies our taste buds.   

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