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December 20 2021  ·  10 min read

Allah (SWT) is ubiquitous- this is what Islam teaches. Islam is a theology, a religion that is based on the oneness of God, delivering the notion to worship him not only to the Muslims but to the people around.  Islam has always been the subject of peace, unity, and solace. Islam a matter of fact teaches Peace, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Justice, Equity, Equality, Honesty, and Conscientiousness. Around the globe, both Muslims and non-Muslims recommend the teachings of Islam, and in one way and another every religion teaches the modified version of Islam. In addition, Islam values compassion and social justice. It promotes rationalization for injustice and highly discourages sufferings due to unjust. 

 However, in fiscal decades both Muslims and the Muslim world became the victim of regression, transgression, detest, and offense.   Muslims have been highly influenced by multiple fundamental notions both socially, morally, and politically. Therefore, Muslims around the globe confront many hardships on being a Muslim person. Problems like

  • Blemishing of Muslim Image
  • High illiteracy rates.
  • Muslim youth towards extremism.
  • Muslims are terrorists! All the terror attacks are being done by Muslims. (Stereotype) 
  • Islamophobia


When the word Islam is associated with Muslims or vice versa, it is often abhorring and despised in the West and they termed this loathe as Islamophobia. Phobia generally refers to something you are afraid of. It is unfathomable and illogic fear. Now the questions here arise why fright Muslims and why does this word take place in the dictionary? Why Muslims are oppressed? Did you ever ponder how Muslims are assassinated in name of terror? The new word terror is now subordinate to Muslims. 


 We often experience listening on news a new Muslim is excruciated, smothered, or assassinated. A Muslim is sentenced to death for a lame cause. Students who visit the west are often executed or killed for being Muslim. When we say we are Muslim, people run away to secure themselves. A Muslim is termed as a terrorist after the incident of September 11 most commonly called 11, 11. The subtle leaders remained veiled and poor Muslims were denunciated. Till then now, Muslims, in a nutshell, are a phobia to people in the west. In the current political environment, anti-Muslim bias and Islamophobia have become prevalent features of American public life. Either in politics or national media, it is communal to observe and hear pessimistic stereotypes and trepidation-mongering messaging about Muslims and their place in society. Muslim children across the country are bearing the affliction of Islamophobia. Indeed, the earliest research has shown that Muslims face bullying at twice the rate of the national average and that school administrators and teachers are under-equipped to address the challenge. A significant amount of Muslim children report not feeling safe to approach their teachers or school administrators about the issue, since they know the world around them hovers hate for them. It feels like the birth of a Muslim is a sin. Islamophobia is a fear, an excessive fear against Islam and anything that associates Islam including the mosques, veiling, Holy centers, and Holy Book, The Quran., prevailing across the west overwhelmingly. It constitutes racism and discrimination in daily life on social media. According to some ideologies, it is said that this fear is an instigation of hostility and biasness. It is to create hatred among people and make them wrangle rambunctiously. Meticulously the subtle outrage of the west could vividly be manifested by the fact of violence and disregard to mosques, vandalizing properties, trespassing a Muslim's privacy, abusing veiled women, scorning Prophet Muhammed, and sacrosanct symbols of Islam. It is an embellished and extravagant fear, hatred, hostility, and aggression which is disseminated by pessimistic stereotypes, resulting in prejudice, oppression, discrimination, and the disregarding exclusion of Muslims from Social, Political, and Civic Life.  Christopher Hicken says ‘Islamophobia- a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons’’. Since the last two decades, Islamophobia keeps growing in some parts of the world, through intensive campaigns and public discourses disseminating fear of Islam, and through a significant number of incidents targeting Muslims, mosques, Islamic attires, and Islamic most-revered figures. There are clear shreds of evidence showing that more and more Westenra's are dubious that Islam is a religion of unity, solace; they are skeptical over religious activities conducted in mosques and Islamic Centers while associating Islam with the ongoing phenomenon and terrorism.                                            

Predominantly, during the fiscal years, Islamophobia has reached an intractable point as it is enduring to aggrandize. This is reflected in the wide-scale of negative narratives against Islam. Mosques and Islamic centers became the victim and a significant number of incidents of defacement and the conflagration involving mosques in the Us, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK, and much more. In recent years, Islamophobia has been flickered by public anxiety over immigration and the integration of Muslim minorities into majority cultures in Europe. These tensions have been exacerbated as a consequence of the economic crash of 2007 and the upsurge of populist nationalist politicians. They have also been intensifying by high-profile terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists. Islamophobia is a “symptom of the disintegration of human values,” according to former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Himmelberg—values such as non-discrimination, tolerance, freedom of thought, justice, solidarity, and equality. The extent and nature of the discrimination and Islamophobic incidents performed against European Muslims remain under-documented. Many Muslims similarly, wherever they are confronting unjust. Many institutions, such as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, and NGOs, such as the Collective against Islamophobia in Belgium, have acknowledged the rise in this worrying phenomenon and noted the increasingly aggravated nature of the incidents. Taking back the epitome of credence, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) receives the same treatment from the haters and envious people around him. People threw pebbles, injured him badly, filled his boots with blood, throwing pigs into the mosques, screaming and bellowing, screeching and shrilling outside the mosque during the times of prayers. People were at that time confronted the same hate but the name was different. Now, at this time for no reason behind, making the incident of 11-11 a lame and accusing Muslims has turned out to be a fashion. People are bullied in name of Islamophobia and the liabilities, legitimacy is sabotaged. 

Furthermore, there are certain ideologies on the basis of which one could be either considered favoring Islamophobia or rejecting the envious ideology. An organization or individual is considered a part of the Islamophobia Network if it does any of the following or if it funds, partners with, or presents individuals or groups that:

  • Allege that Islam and Muslims are inherently tempestuous, anti-feminist, inferior, unforgiving or protesting, primitive, static, authoritarian, homophobic, manipulative, self-righteous, devious, or that Islam is the antithesis of civilization.
  • Claim that Islam is an existential threat to the U.S. and/or the “West” and that Muslims, or their representative institutions, are part of a plot to overthrow the “West” or America.
  • Support unequal treatment under the law for Islam or Muslims.
  • Declare that violent groups which falsely and perversely claim a religious cover possess the correct understanding of Islam. 

How Islamophobia is prevented?

 How Islamophobia be prevented is a big question, but some of the social ways can prevent it. The ways in which it could be impeded are below:

  • Promoting volunteerism. 
  • Continue with the flow and outreach forces.
  • Providing alternatives to the Islamophobic events. The protests that prevail across the west could be framed into a new something else. Like dissuading the minds of people from the word Islamophobia which is a man-made sentiment.
  • Becoming active in Social and Political Life. Though, despite being oppressed, we can give it a try unless we succeed. 
  • Report acts of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim acts.

 How islamophobia is vetoed? In light of Islamic Teachings!

 Islamophobia has now stickered to our identities. To deal with this hate below are some of the solutions in light of Islamic teachings.

1-Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

The Prophet was combat horrible offense and animosity in his lifetime. He remained persistent, tolerant, and tolerant in the face of this Islamophobia. We must model this same behavior. As in Quran, it is said that                   

‘’Good and Evil deeds are not alike. Requite evil with good, and he who is your enemy will become your dearest friend. But none will attain this save those who endure with fortitude and are greatly favored by God’’. (Quran 41: 34-35)

 Islam always taught us about being good even if the person did evil to you. Since islamophobia is also an unbearable allegation but still we should forgive. They will be rewarded on the day of judgment. 

“Because of that, we decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors”. [5:32]

The above verse highly discourages killing innocent people.

Hence, before framing Islamophobia among ourselves, we needed to study the real Islam. Terrorism is not subordinated with any religion. Terrorists are nobody but the murderers, and for whom Islam has severe punishments. Islam strictly discourages violence, killings, and cruelty. Therefore, the concept of Islamophobia and the allegations are proved wrong. 

2-Association of racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia:

 They all are fruits of the same tree of hate. The three notions sound to be different though, but give the same meaning. They perpetuate the pessimism equally.

 3- Strengthening Brotherhood:

Islam has a great emphasis on brotherhood and sisterhood. Since Islam perpetuates love, affection, loyalty, peace, harmony, forgiveness, and acceptance. Since terrorism which is associated with Muslims is highly intolerable but what Islam teaches us is superior to all. We can strengthen our fondness, for the people who trigger these concepts. We can tell them what real Islam is, not in terms of preaching but in a way to persuade them optimistically. Allah himself says he would not be merciful to those who do not show mercy on mankind. But he also says to forgive our enemies in the verse

‘’Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the ignorant.’(Surat An-Nur -4:22) .

Forgiving is the biggest sacrifice of your ego. The more we forgive, the more we are rewarded with abundance. Forgiving by heart means you are giving a chance to the next person not to repeat the mistake again. Keeping the grudges will ultimately influence our bad. 


Islam has always taught us to follow the righteous path. Muslims around the world are one blood nation. No matter where we live, regardless of our ethnic background we are still the same Muslims. Islamophobia is inculcated or propagandized but we can ascertain our veracity with our actions.  In a nutshell, Islamophobia is an undeniable accusatory and man-made indoctrinated fear which could be lessened too. By our deeds and behavior, we together can make the world a better place to live in.  








Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

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