Are violent video games a cause of aggression in kids?

December 20 2021  ·  3 min read

The ongoing sensation of video games especially those about violence, crime, and abuse has pessimistically affected kids’ psychology in the modern-day. It has always been a question of debate whether such video games provoke aggressive behavior or just adds fuel to the fire of already depressed individuals.

List of trending violent video games of 2021

  1. Dead Space 2
  2. Mortal Kombat
  3. PUBG
  4. Medal of Honor
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  6. fallout new vegas
  7. Castlevania: Lords of shadow
  8. Assassin’s Creed: brotherhood
  9. Dead rising 2
  10. Halo: reach
  11. Naughty bear
  12. Mafia 2
  13. Kane and Lynch 2:dog days

 Innovative and modern technology has rendered much to the world of video games thus making them more pragmatic, and realistic.

 Violent video games mainly accentuate the negative content

 Such video games promote realistic killing of people, animals, and everything that acts as a stumbling block in the game. Its psychological impacts provoke criminal and violent behavior and propel kids to disrespect the law and authority of the state. Research on children who are always jeopardized to such video games has revealed that they may become numb to violence and reflect more aggressive behavior than those children who don't play video games at all. According to psychology kids with high temper, emotional and behavioral problems are largely influenced by video games that involve violence and crime scenes.

Drawbacks of spending excessive time on violent video games

  • Prolong stickiness to tablets and smartphones causes eyesight problems and insomnia disorders.
  • Bad grades and poor performance at school degrade the academic caliber of students.
  • Sleep deprivation and drowsiness
  • Spending excessive time playing such games can lead to less time for socializing and hanging out with friends and family
  • less reading and no craze for knowledge and books
  • Poor social relationships
  • lack of communication and leadership skills
  • less confidence and interest in worldly and religious matters
  • less exercise and overeating which leads to obesity and cardiovascular disease at a young age
  • high temper and rude attitude

  Constructive influence of video games

 Adolescence is a phase of life when an individual’s rational and cognitive abilities sharpen and develop to cope up with the soft and hard realities of life. It is worth impressive that such video games also contribute to positive changes which are as follows.

  • Faster, sharper and focus skills develop
  • It helps to enhance memorization thus helping in long term memory
  • Enhance quick decision and problem-solving skills
  • It inspires young minds to take defeat and failure as a motivation to step forward
  • such video games increase the desire for achievement and success
  • It acts as a stimulus for a higher self-esteem
  • Motivates kids to deal with anxiety and frustration which arises from academic pressure and social life
  • Increase skills like group organization, and discipline

 How can parents help their children to enjoy such games without any negative outcome?

 Parents can put their effort into a positive outcome and to avoid any future dangers they must show interest and curiosity and collaborate with kids to help them enjoy video games appropriately.

  1. keep an eye on games and activities that your child is involved in
  2. check the ESRB(entertainment software rating board)to select the appropriate games for your child
  3. check whether the game is having negative or violent content
  4. Encourage your child for sports and other  activities such as picnics and camps
  5. Warn your kid about possible dangers that may arise due to violent video games

Much research has been done to answer the question, are violent video games a cause of aggression in kids? However, it is not proved yet whether such games are a real cause of chaos and aggressive behavior. It is a widespread concern because a major proportion of people believe that such games reduce pro-social behavior, on the contrary, some research on children denies this opinion. A study from the University of New York showed that there is no major association between realistic video games and aggression in kids and we can’t say that violent video games are a cause of aggression in kids as much research has to be done to support this hypothesis.

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