Omicron. America Gifts Vaccines to Pakistan This Christmas

December 26 2021  ·  4 min read

With celebrations of New Year in 2020, the news about a novel virus was undeniably in the air. In Pakistan, it was too early for everyone to know what was taking over the World. The first case of Corona Virus was already detected in Wuhan China in November 2019. With New Year some information managed to get to the ears of Pakistani citizens, who then started giving their favorite reaction: making memes about the virus. By March Corona was not hidden from anyone. News channels would refer to it as Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19. And by April 1 a nationwide lockdown was imposed.

For about two years the World has fought this deadly virus. In this war against Covid-19, we lost our young doctors and our loved ones. In the process of getting affected and providing safety, we got introduced to quarantines, travel restrictions, and workplace restrictions. When finally restrictions have been lifted and situations have been at loss in countries, the world has come in contact with another variant of novel coronavirus. Researchers have identified it as Omicron Variant. Read more to know more!



What is Omicron Variant?

When finally people have started leaving behind the traumas caused by Covid-19 and forgetting that it exists, its variant omicron has appeared to remind us that Covid is far from over. Coronavirus has already been suspected to produce variants. Because as a virus spreads and passes from one person to other it has greater chances of developing mutations. That’s exactly how the novel coronavirus has played the trick on us and developed its variant.

“To survive, the virus had to learn a wealth of tricks — dampening immunity, evading early immune defenses, and shape-shifting to allow for multiple reinfections.” (William A. Haseltine)

“In a sense, it is to the virus’s advantage if it affects people in a way that that they don’t get too sick – because then they can walk around and mingle in society and spread the virus even more. I think the virus will evolve itself out of the pandemic strain very soon and become milder, more transmissible to the point where you may only need to think about vaccinating the more vulnerable members of the population.”(Dr. Julian Tang)

Omicron with a beautiful name


Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are viruses that are airborne and spread through transmit to others through air contamination. Through research studies, we know that such viruses without hesitation recombine among each other and produce mutations. There is little information about the omicron variant, therefore, less could be said about it; though all the cases of omicron studies suggest that it has a growth advantage over the Delta variant. Other predictions say that it is less severe than its parent Delta Corona Virus. As well as it is more likely to infect those infected by its daddy before. Hence, DO NOT LEAVE YOURSELF AT MERCY OF THE VIRUS: GET VACCINATED AND FOLLOW THE SOPS!

Situations of New Variant in Pakistan

Omicron has cover engulfed 63 countries with a higher transmissibility rate. It was first spotted in South Africa later it began its expedition of European and other countries. During its exploration omicron is suspected to have landed in Pakistan. National Health Institute of Islamabad says that it has been detected in a 57-year-old lady from Karachi who was not vaccinated. Following that, a case of the virus was detected in a 47-year-old man. And after gene-sequencing it was confirmed at Aga Khan University Hospital. Moreover, cases from other areas are also being reported. During COVID tests conducted in Balochistan recently, 12 cases were suspected of having omicron and were sent to the National Health Institute of Islamabad for confirmation.

Countries affected by omicron


Keeping in account the situations it is best to get vaccinated and if one is done with both doses they should get a booster dose. As well as citizens must once again make wearing masks normal.

America Gifts Vaccines to Pakistan this Christmas

America a forever buddy of Pakistan


While omicron had resulted in cancellations of reservations of Christmas celebrations in countries like the UK, Pakistan gets to enjoy the vaccines from America. America has gifted Pakistan 5 million doses of Pfizer vaccines this Christmas. It says that vaccines are the best gift one can give others this Christmas.


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