Influence of Early childhood Education On Future

Jul 30th 2020 | 5 Min Read


Child education known as early childhood education is started from birth till the age of 8. The learning begins after birth to 3rd grade. Early childhood education (ECE) holistically develops a child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive necessitates that contribute to forming a well-built foundation for a child’s well being. It structures the personality of the child and polishes the inherited traits. The kid is prepared for the primary school and is well equipped with the learning tools for lifelong learning.

Early childhood education aims to nurture the child with proper guidance which has a vivid influence on a child’s future. It enhances the learning attitude of children and teaches a variety of learning tackles. At the age of 0-2, the child starts to differentiate this individuality form others and similarly can identify the difference between one thing and another. The child begins to know about his surroundings and begins to feel comfortable in his environment. The emotional parental affiliation has smooth effects on the child’s future relationships and independence and needs timely engagement and attention. The child remembers and copies the act he observed around him. Parents and caretakers follow techniques to groom the child positively so the child establishes strong future relationships.

Parents have a great influence on the future of the child along with shaping their character positively. Qualities such as tackling issues, socio-emotional capabilities, and language learning are greatly assisted by parents. The learning interaction among the child and his parents gives the practical experience of classroom education while growing up. The child takes up the acts his parents carry out; the parents express their love, care, and pay serious attention, the child will learn to love and express. As parents motivate and guide the child, he begins knowing the things around him, he starts differentiating the various people, emotions, and needs. A parent can help his child to build a successful future and a career.

The one, who seeks to become an early childhood education teacher, should possess the certification. It would depict that the teacher has met the standards and is eligible to teach young children from 3 to 8 in the best ways. The teacher should know the developmental changes and learning attitude of the child and should be able to communicate with the child and create an amicable environment.

In the nutshell, early childhood education builds a strong foundation for a child and nurtures his personality. The education finely equips the child towards the future. Early childhood education is proving to be beneficial as the child grows. The parent and teacher greatly contribute to structuring the child’s future. Early childhood education mainly guides and motivates the child optimistically.

The importance of Early Childhood Education is swiftly understood all around the globe. Whereas some countries have a deficiency of human resources to educate the child in his early childhood; Somalia, where only 10% of children attend primary schools while Eritrea comes next. Where education is inaccessible to the children, problems such as unemployment or low employment rate and poverty raise to the highest degree in society. Besides, Early childhood education contributes towards the development of the society while lack of Early Child Education can be a key cause behind low progress of a country.

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