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It was a cloudy evening in August. Sun was on its way to set, scattering salient shades of flames all over the sky. Shaded rays were peeping out of clouds trying to reach the land. A slight blow of wind was embracing him hard. He was sitting on a wooden bench in the corner of an almost empty park. With crossed legs and his left hand on his thigh, he was slightly bent backward, outlining an obtuse angle. 

He had a cold, still smile on his face and a peaceful glow in his eyes. His heart was striking hard against his chest. His profound breaths were intense. He was in relief, flatteringly relaxed and calm.

His right hand was on the edge of the bench arm. His fingers were holding a lifeless body, a mournful creature, which was blowing liveliness in him! A stretched slender body, divided into two portions; one end was giving out smokey fume, and the other was the entire exude of additive smoke. He was firmly holding it between his pointer and the middle finger. His eyes were stuck somewhere he couldn’t sort out! He was tremendously immersed in the atmosphere that he could not figure what was going on around him.

A bystander could probably catch into the atmosphere readily and get fascinated by the man's soothing and consoling feelings. But the point was, only a far standing observer!


His expressions and looks depicted deep peace in his existence, but; heavier felt the pain behind the quiet eyes and still smile each time he exhaled the air. He felt a severe twinge against his chest while cramming hard to keep the peace!

He was trying to wrap the scratches formed due to the harshness of time and brutality of people.

The smoke passing from the dead-end entered into his lungs. Smoke annihilating the natives of the organ, lungs suffered harm as a whole, moved out, leaving its marks behind.

His satisfaction was soulless, and the peace wasn’t intimate! It was just a way out of stress, the most terrible way out. To let-up the pain, he was welcoming pain! His lungs were getting damaged, he was encouraging oral problems, yet he was okay; okay with his destructing health, okay with the minor health issues he had to pay back in the future.

The more sensational and calm it seemed, the more stiffness he felt while struggling against the ache!!

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