What do you think Life is?

Dec 7th 2020 | 2 Min Read


Life is not all about living, satiating our hunger, and making others happy just for ostentation! It's about how you surmount the obstacles in your way to pursue a  triumph. Life is short, and when its brevity ends, we are left with nothing_else than repenting, and yeah! Who be there to deplore once you perish. Some of your camaraderie, your family, unwavering and nonperishable soul__the invisible. Before you egress, stop concessions with life, reiterate your 'SELF'and develop the insight of how to live a worthy life. It's foolish to demand a life zilch with hardships! Since you are part of this so-called 'world,' you are associated and hovered by troubles and obstacles. 

The tenuous relation of you and self or you and society makes you effusive and worth compromising on the things you don't want. You may encounter fudges, blabbers, despair, despondency, and of course, uncertain talks. They will impede your determination, but it's a life that goes on! It's not a stone to impede and start deploring for its existence.  

Even a stone makes its way one day or another! You are the flowing water that runs with the flow! Don't let yourself down when you confront failure or detest. Failure is a process, a complimentary segment, and an inner stimulus and impulse to let you strive even better to win. It all goes on! Success and failure are both compliments. Both are necessary to balance life. 

We spent 80% of our time blandishing others, adulating people, in a student's life comparing his marks with his friends and measuring his instincts in grades. Keeping apart all these, there is a life out there, an entirely different world, a place free of obsessions, sarcasm, skepticism about yourself, a place for eradicating all your incredulity and disposition about yourself, and that place lies within you. That's YOU, your knacks, a dexterity that makes you distinctive, which is yet to unleash, a world within you that is obscure. The wave of your skills will flood your life when you discover them. 

The personal space that you need, the space you have, discover yourself in that hour! At last, it's again life, ''Might is Right'' in the 21st century. Your might, your power of ruling the world lies within you. Once you discover your ingenuity, you conquer a kingdom, which will impede you from the comparison. You learn to succeed step by step! The more you are successful, the more one starts boasting. That hurts when the divine divinity pulls you back and puts you in the hands of catastrophe. Never let arrogance hover you. Arrogance is ignorance. Therefore,  Nothing in this ephemeral life is perpetual. Everything we do is transient.  

Since, unless we are alive, we will climb the ladder and reach horizons and vice versa. This is the life that goes with the flow. Whoever goes, either you follow life or life follows you. Both are chasing one another for the same cause. Life, what a great game! And ponder what a creative artist the creator is.


Zehnish Karim

Writing is what appeals me often. It brings in me an inner solace. The habit of writing is innate, but I am still trying to make it even more better. Poetry, creative writing and Content Writing is what I am more passionate about. In past few months my two articles are published too.

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