Best YouTube Channels For Cooking

Dec 7th 2020 | 2 Min Read


If you are a food lover you probably search for tasty food on the internet, there are tons of cooking videos over there just like anything else, they’re not all good, Here are some of the top recommendations. Whether you want to cook a full recipe for your entire family or just learn how to chop an onion correctly, they’re here to help you out with their extraordinary skills. Let’s explore some of the top cooking experts who don’t just teach you how to cook but they inspire and literally, they’ll make you salivate.


One of the most leading cooking experts on youtube, Sanjay started his youtube journey at the very beginning of 2007. Having more than 2 million subscribers and over 2000 videos on youtube he’s always trying to inspire with the art of cooking.

Moreover, a graduate of India’s Institute of Hotel Management and currently, popularize Indian tasty food all over the world. Sanjay takes you on a delicious journey with his tasty food so don’t forget to follow.

Village Food Secrets

Over 1.6 million people have followed since when it first began in early November 2016. The host and the owner of Village Food Secrets, Mubashir Saddique uploads new recipes every single week. As the name told you everything his channel is primarily focussing on Village and pure food, you can also follow  Village Food Secrets.

Kitchen With Amna

A large collection of Pakistani, Indian, Italian, and Chinese recipes and yeah some kind of tasty snacks are available on this channel. With an audience of 3.74 million subscribers and more than 1k videos, those dedicated people help you figure out how to cook delicious food. 

The channel was started in 2016 run by 3 dedicated siblings and they earn a minimum of 2k dollars per month via youtube.

Cooking Shooking

If you search for something related to cooking on the internet you will probably found Yaman Agarwal, The owner of Cooking Shooking started his journey at the tender age of 12.

CookingShooking is one of the most popular Indian youtube channels for finding tasty stuff. Cooking is an amazing hobby, you can learn at any age. If you are interested to learn how to make food delicious, don’t forget to follow CookingShooking on youtube to see something really awesome every week.

Food Fusion

Another leading cooking channel on youtube, The founder Asad Memon started back in January 2016 and right now has more than 3 million subscribers. There are lots of tasty recipes on this channel that range from Biryani and Haleem to Burgers and Cakes. He earns more than 500 dollars per month from his videos on youtube and posts one video almost every single week.

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