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Dec 07 2020 | 1 Min Read


Memes are an essential part of modern social media, and With memes becoming more and more popular every day, everyone wants to know what the most popular Instagram memes accounts are. Yeah, I know you are also one of those who is curious about Instagram memes. In this blog, we have put together some of the top Meme accounts that get you chuckling.


With 22.2m followers, Memezar provides tons of entertainment to keep his audience happy while browsing through the social media platform. It’s a mix of humorous and newsworthy posts. Memezar posting funny videos and pictures multiple times a day. In fact, the page is updated almost every minute with fresh content, people like his funny content. That’s why he is on the top of the list. 

The account is private, but it’s not a problem, as the page accepts follow requests within a minute.


Having more than 15m followers on Instagram, Sarcasm_Only primarily targets the female audience. The page content talks about different situations faced by girls in her daily life. The primary reason behind the page’s popularity is that its content has a touch of humor.


Daquan is another dominant meme account on Instagram, and This Canadian guy primarily focused on professional athletes, musicians, and celebrities. Daquan started the account in 2010 and has since amassed more than 15 million followers. The owner publishes funny content on daily basics, and yeah, his content is a mixture of short videos and funny still images with appropriate captions.


No four on our list is Couplesnote, Having more than 9 million followers. This Instagram meme account is dedicated entirely to love and relationships. However, the page also pokes fun at being single. The account publishes a mix of photos and short videos twice a day. I am truly inspired by some of his funny and creative memes.


The absolute best in memes, Loveofhuns has more than 340k followers. They upload twice a day, and their captions are hilarious. The jokes work because they’re relatable, and their fans understand.

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