The mysterious man from 'Taured'

Dec 17th 2020 | 2 Min Read


In July 1954, at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan, An ordinary man holding a black bag, much like other passengers, stood in line for verification. A perfect height, black hair, and wearing a black suit, he was biding his time. Whatever happened after that, transpired his existence and mystified the entire human race. 

On his turn, he offered his passport to the customs officer for authentication of his documents. His passport was legitimate and said ‘Taured’, a place no one on the force knew or heard about. 

When questioned by the officers, the mysterious man mentioned that he belongs to Taured, also known as Taured Mystery and his passport was issued from his home country. Officers were flabbergasted, as his passport was authentic, but the place mentioned was not recognized. 

As custom officers warned that issuance of a fake passport is a crime, the mysterious man confirmed that he was not deceiving them. He claimed that he had been to Japan thrice on business trips and he spoke Japanese very well. He also knew many other languages and was holding various currencies too. 

The customs officers took the man under custody. The Officers were perplexed because they never heard about a country called Taured. While interrogation, the officer inquired more about the country ‘Taured’. 

He said his country, Taured, existed for 1000 years and was productive and powerful. The officials found out the company where he mentioned himself as an employee and about the hotel he made the booking. His referred company was found in Tokyo, while the hotel he named had no booking made with his name.

The officers were suspicious and they sent him under observation while his documents and personal belongings were confiscated. The weird man was asked to identify his country on the global map. He pointed to a place called Andora, a small principle between France and Spain. He said the place named Andora on the map was his country, Taured. 

This augmented the confusions of the officers. Further, the officer asked him to call someone for verification. The man dialed a number and fortunately, the number didn’t exist. 

Officers ushered him into a room with high security. After a while, the senior officers went to check upon the mysterious man, and the security standing at his door assured the presence of the man in the room. As the senior officer entered, he was stunned to see that the mysterious man from Taured was missing along with his documents. 

The room didn’t look as if someone had lived in it. They searched for the man in every corner of the room; neither the man nor his documents were found. The outrageous concern was that the room lacked a balcony and so the entrance and exit door was one. There was no other way to escape. Everyone was watchful at the airport due to his presence of the man and there was no way of his escape.

The sudden presence of this odd man and his escape is a mystery, as scientists argue that he was a temporal traveler, who passed through the parallel universe and landed at Henda. 

The mystery of the mysterious man is a mystery in itself.  

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