Why WhatsApp blue ticks are bad for relationships?

Dec 28th 2020 | 1 Min Read


Whatsapp has played an important role in today’s relationships. If you're one of the WhatsApp users, then you definitely notice and consider ticks. Have you noticed ticks at the corner of your WhatsApp messages changed into bright blue? 

Well, there are three types of ticks you see on your WhatsApp messages.

  1. One grey tick - this shows your message is sent successfully. 
  2. Two gray ticks - your message is successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.
  3. Two blue ticks -  your message is read by your recipient.

Do blue ticks really bad for your relationship? 

Insensitive relationships, especially when you are in a relationship with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then these two blue ticks matter a lot in these types of relationships. Well, the new name of ignorance is blue ticks in today’s tech world. Once you know that your message has been read and not received any reply to your message, this keeps a terrible impact on your relationship, either your relationship is of friends or couples. 

Life is too busy, and there are so many things to do, but sometimes it becomes impossible to reply on the spot. But blue ticks will never let you give your partner lame excuses like ‘sorry’ I didn’t read your message, etc. 

Harsh Truths of WhatsApp Blue Ticks on Today’s Relationships

The messaging world has increased the concept of misunderstanding since the time of MSN Messenger. Here are the following truths about WhatsApp blue ticks:

  • Constant judging
  • When you are uncomfortable answering the message, the blue ticks convey the message of ignorance.
  • Sometimes blue ticks serve like depression, 
  • When Suddenly or you clicked on a message accidentally, the blue ticks notify that your message has been viewed and cannot remove the blue color.

Wrapping Up:

The basic foundation of a good and healthy relationship needs trust. You are required to understand your partner’s texting style. The texting chemistry needs to be understood between couples, husband & wife, and in other relationships that you are involved with.


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