City Life and Countryside Life

Feb 3rd 2021 | 3 Min Read


Have you ever woke up to a cloud floating at your window, or has it always been the drumming of birds at your window serving as your alarm in the morning? There is this life where you live among mountains and see a purple mass of mountains stretched as far as your eyes could see, and there is this lifestyle where you feel like a small creature standing at the gates of a sky scrapper building. Life in the countryside and cities has its differences, corns, and pros, from beautiful scenery to poor phone connection and large buildings to a comfortable lifestyle.

Countrysides are not populated, fewer people can endure the harsh conditions and occasionally migrate to cities and metropolitan areas for better opportunities. But the people residing there form a community. Therefore, they have a common identity and their originality, radiating a sense of community. People wear smiles on their faces, and everybody knows one another. And the environment is pollution-free, it provides fresh air due to a large number of trees.   

Moreover, there is something magical and unbeatable about its nature. It breathes life into your soul and makes it come to life. Besides, it gives you mental peace trashing your exhaustion with its healing powers. Watching the sun dusk and dawn is another privilege for people living in the countrysides. There would not be a better way of spending hours of the sunset than with a steaming mug of tea in one hand and a good book in another hand; sun rays hitting the giant peaks making the snow shine like a diamond leaving beautiful flares. And the nights are spent lying on wet grass staring at the night sky decorated with stars. One can also go hiking and camping when bored with normal life and want to have a change.

However, enjoying nature comes with a cost to pay. Life in the countryside is not easy. The infrastructure of the countryside is not as furnished as in cities. There are not very well known educational institutes, there are no hotels and restaurants normally, job opportunities are very less, and the transportation system is very rough. And the extreme weather conditions cut off communication due to heavy snowfall and rain. Sometimes it also causes blockage of roads preventing transportation. Roadblock is also caused by land sliding.

People living in cities have a busy everyday schedule. Mostly they live on their own and do not create a sense of community with each other. The population consists of people from different casts, religions, and regions: this large diversity deprives community feeling. Next, the lifestyle a city offers is costly; therefore, a person has to earn more to afford a living and meet the ends. Furthermore, all the vehicles, factories, and industries have polluted its environment, making it hard to breathe as if anybody is stealing your oxygen.

Meanwhile, cities give a cozy life. They have shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants, small and large every type of shops giving various necessities. You can order food, and you do not have to worry about what to cook. The transportation system is well built and managed. Moreover, cities have national and international companies, thus, provide more jobs to the people. And since people live alone or individually in cities, people have more time left for themselves. They can use this leisure time in libraries or join sports clubs or learn a new skill. Fitness clubs, amusement parks, and cinemas are other places to visit when bored.

At the end of the day, life in cities and the countryside has its own advantages and disadvantages. Those who want to live a simple life and in a place full of natural beauty have to endure the awkwardness of extreme weather and other issues. At the same time, those who live in cities will have smooth flowing life having their every need in reach. But these people have to deal with work stress and loneliness sometimes and all the types of pollution. Therefore, preferring one kind of life depends on the priorities of a person.


Aleena Abbas

Content writing is something new to me that I have developed over the last few months. This is my first experience as an academic writer. Before the birth of this sudden interest, I was the kind of person writing a diary and personal statements. I have a grip on descriptive writing, therefore, I can write stories very well.

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