Your Message

March 04 2021  ·  0 min read

The wind blow

Bought your message slow and low

Understood, but a little bemused

With the curse of hate I was abused

When your love and hate intertwined 

With your sympathy I was blind and kind

I felt the pitter patter of rain  

In the drops I found the love of pain  

Cried with dried tears  

I swear you just stared 

Think of you in dark and cold  

Memoirs of your were sold

Love is the attraction 

But suffer is the reaction

Love is the pain

Tear and deceit is to obtain

Stay and flow silent tears

I hope you won't wear despair!

Zehnish Karim

Zehnish Karim

Did you ever ponder how life becomes fascinating after writing! Pouring your emotions, struggling with the characters, and giving opinions_ something captivating right! So that is what I do! I am an ordinary person who started writing her daily diary and eventually started writing poetry! Let's share some joy and creativity together!

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